doula training excitement

Long-time blog readers know that I have had a desire to become a doula for a long time, specifically a post-partum doula.  I’m finally going to get my chance!

In the past 2+ years since Jujubee’s birth, I have kept in touch with Treesa, my doula with Jujubee’s birth.  She has been forwarding me emails and information about post-partum doula trainings.  Recently she forwarded me something that caught my eye more than usual:

DONA International will be offering a Postpartum Doula Workshop this coming September along with a TENS workshop. The TENS workshop will be in SF, and we are thinking of bringing the Postpartum Doula Workshop down to the Palo Alto/San Jose area!

Does anyone have an idea of a location? [Organizer’s name] is open to offering the workshop in someone’s home and offering a discount (or free, I don’t know) to the hostess in exchange for staying there as well as the 3 day workshop. It’s a great experience to host a trainer.  If you never have, think about it!

I called the organizer, told her that I would be interested.  She asked me a bunch of questions about my location, like how close I was to major freeways (very close), how much parking we have (lots!), where I was located between SF and San Jose (practically in the middle), how close I was to places to eat for lunch (one mile away), would I be able to host the trainer at my home (yes, quite comfortably), and if I’d like to attend the workshop (YES!!).

Anyway, we got all the details worked out, and I’m going to be hosting this workshop in early September!  Right now we’re planning to have it in our large living room, but if a lot of people sign up, we may hold it in the church fellowship hall if the church council is okay with it.  The lady who will be doing the training said that about half of the time she teaches these workshops in people’s living rooms, so I feel more okay with that idea.

And, I get to attend for free!!!  Squeeee!!!!   This is an answer to a prayer!

Best of all, the aforementioned Treesa is now a certified midwife, and she has already told me that once I’m trained, she will recommend me to her clients.  So, I won’t even have to do a lot of marketing on my own!  What a blessing!

I’m very, very excited to finally be getting going on this thing that I’ve wanted to do for SO long.  I’m grateful to God for working out all the details better than I could have possibly imagined!