on the Oregon Trail

Today the four of us are heading off on an Oregon Adventure.  We’ve lived in California for nine years now (can you believe that?  Nine years???), and we’ve never been further north than Redding.  We will rectify that situation in the next few days!

Remember this event from last summer?  Well, D and M live near Portland, Oregon, so this trip is our chance to return the favor they did last year by coming out to visit us.  JJ is going to preach for D this Sunday, and since it’s the Fourth of July, they’re going to take us somewhere in the Portland area to see fireworks.  🙂

This trip will also be nice because it will be the first true family vacation that we’ve taken in a LONG time.  Our trip to Phoenix was a working vacation for JJ; still fun, but definitely working.  Our trips to Wisconsin are never truly vacations, because we’re always trying to see people and do things.  It’s never just us.

But this trip will just be us.  Outside of our friends in Portland, we won’t be seeing anyone else that we know on this trip.  We plan to visit the Mount Shasta area on the way up, and we hope to see the Lake Shasta Caverns.  On the way back, we plan to go to Crater Lake National Park.  I’m sure there will be many smaller scenic points of interest along the way as well that we’ll enjoy seeing.

Hopefully this will be a much-needed relaxing trip for all four of us.  Keep us in your prayers that we have safe travels.


FYI: I have some blog posts scheduled to post while I’m gone, plus I’ll have internet access at my friends’ house in Oregon to update everyone on our trip, so feel free to keep checking in on my blog for new things to read.  🙂