sisterly comfort

Lyd has gotten punished a few times in recent weeks.  Sometimes it’s happened in front of her little sister.

After a punishment, Lyd often has to sit for a while until I say she can get up.  Every single time that Lyd has been punished in front of her little sister, that little sister has offered Lyd comfort and love of her own volition.

As Lyd sits crying/dejected/pouting on a chair or in a corner, Jujubee comes quietly over and endures Lyd’s punishment with her.  She also offers Lyd lots of hugs and kisses and affection and love, even though Jujubee never says a word.

At first it kind of threw me for a loop.  What should I do?  Should I insist that Jujubee leave Lyd alone?  I thought about that, and then I decided not to say anything about it, so long as Lyd was still doing what I had told her to do.

At first it threw Lyd for a loop too.  Should she accept her sister’s hugs and affection?  Once I decided to let it go so long as Lyd did what I told her to, she gratefully accepted Jujubee’s support and affection.  If nothing else, it’s helping to cement the relationship between the two girls.

I have to confess that it just warms my heart when Jujubee does that.  I told Lyd, “This is your little sister’s way of telling you that she loves you.  She doesn’t have the words to say that yet, but she has the actions.  She’s learned those actions from the rest of us, and she knows that when  you want to make someone feel better, you give them hugs and kisses and you don’t let them be alone.  So, that’s what she’s doing to you to help you when you’re sad.”

That made Lyd feel pretty good.

I hope that when the day comes that Jujubee gets in trouble and ends up with a similar consequence, Lyd will offer her the same kind of love and affection.

I’m so glad I have two such wonderful girls who love each other so much.