Greetings to you from Oregon!

We made it safely to the greater Portland area of Oregon on Saturday evening.  Our daughters are having a marvelous time playing with the three boys who reside here, and us adults are enjoying each other’s company as well, too.

The Redding, CA area was lovely also.  Mount Shasta is still completely covered in snow.  We saw the Lake Shasta Caverns, and they were pretty cool.  However, they didn’t inform us of the 200+ steps up AND 200+ steps back down that are part of the tour.  That was a workout!

The driving has gone well.  The only real problem was getting out of the Bay area on Thursday afternoon.  It took us an hour to get through SF and over the Bay Bridge.  That was frustrating.  But once we got onto I-505 and I-5 things went MUCH faster.

Our hotel near Lake Shasta was beautiful and rustic.  Not very big, but big enough for us.  The drive up to the Medford, OR area was also beautiful.  The map had marked it a “scenic drive,” and it definitely was.  Everything is SO green!

The bed and breakfast we stayed at in the Medford area was charming, and it thoroughly impressed my daughters.  Lyd had never seen a Jacuzzi tub before, so after supper and some playtime (in the gameroom that they had, with an air hockey table, darts, cards, tables, hula hoops, and lots of other stuff), the girls took a “bath” in the Jacuzzi.  They begged me to come in with them, so I did.  It was a fun experience with my girls.

Breakfast the next morning was set on a Americana-themed table.  Unsurprisingly, it was all fresh and homemade and delicious.  🙂  We got on the road, and enjoyed driving on I-5 north through Oregon.  It’s actually quite a twisty, windy freeway, and all the trees and valleys and hills are lovely.  It almost looks a little like Wisconsin, but just up a notch.  It’s easy to see why the pioneers who actually survived the Oregon Trail and made it to Oregon would have thought that they were in heaven.  It is truly a beautiful corner of the world here.

Today, after church, we all went raspberry picking.  Our friends took us to a “pick-your-own” berry farm.  All berries are $1.25/pound if you pick them yourself, and you can eat all you want while you’re picking.  We are now back from berry picking, having gorged ourselves on berries (Jujubee especially!), while bringing home 9 pounds of raspberries.  Now, somehow we are going to have to figure out a way to transport nine pounds of raspberries (that cost us a mere $13!!) back to California.  Hmm.  We didn’t know this was coming when we came out, so we’re going to have to figure something out.  But, it will be worth it.

Tonight is local fireworks and some sparklers for the kids, thanks to the lady at our B&B.  She put a sparkler by each of our places at breakfast time, and when she heard what our plans were for the Fourth (to spend it with another family with young kids), she gave Lyd a whole handful of sparklers.  So, we’ll have a good time tonight with that.

So far, it’s been a very good vacation!