feeling “off”

Hola, all.  I’m still here.  I haven’t forgotten that I have a blog.  I’ve just been feeling not like myself lately, as well as having a hard time finding time to blog.

It’s been very difficult for me to get into some sort of regular summertime groove.  We’ve had various events just seem to keep popping up.  Saturday I was up late practicing organ for church, something I had forgotten I was up for.  Sunday we drove to Modesto for a new pastor ordination/installation; we had a good time and didn’t get home until — 11:30!  So, that threw the following day off, too.

Last night, some of the family of the new pastor in Modesto asked if they could stay overnight with us, as they had a 6am flight out of SFO the next morning.  We said, “Sure,” and we then had to quickly got things ready.

On top of all this, our new Kindergarten teacher has been living with us ever since we got back from Oregon.  She and her parents house-sat for us most of the time while we were gone to OR, although her parents returned to their home before we returned to ours.  Her stuff still hasn’t arrived from Texas yet (and we found out tonight that it likely won’t for at least another week – aack!), so she’s been bunking at our house.  She is already very busy planning and getting ready for the school year, but she’s usually been having supper with us most nights, so we’ve been getting to know her better.  We like her very much, and this odd situation has created a nice opportunity for us to all get to know each other, but it is an unusual situation.  It’s keeping life feeling a bit unusual, too.

We have more house guests coming this weekend, too.  It’ll be fun, I’m sure, but again, it will be changing things up.

I’m not really complaining; I like having new people around.  I’ve said for months, probably years, that ideally I would love to have another woman living with me.  It’s been very nice, and she likes many of the same kinds of movies that I do.  We chatted in the minivan almost all the way from Modesto about movies we’ve seen and enjoyed.  I’m really, really enjoying that.

But I can’t seem to find any kind of regular groove.  And that’s beginning to annoy me.  Plus I’ve got all of these minor-but-important projects that need to be done running through my head.

To top it all off, I left my trusty alarm clock in Phoenix.  It was a small, battery operated alarm clock, and not only was it very practical and well used, it had sentimental value as well.  Now, I am alarm-clock less, and it is throwing off my mornings.  Somehow, JJ managed to lose his little alarm clock, too.  And furthermore, some electrical wiring connected to JJ’s and my nightstand lamps as well as the light above our master bathroom sink (this house is not wired logically) has broken, and we can’t figure out how to fix it.  So JJ had to run a long extension cord from a working outlet in our bedroom to behind our bed so we can have working lamps on our nightstands.  This is just weird, and it is one more thing that is just “off.”

Plus, the girls are sleeping in for quite a while in the mornings (although that’s starting to get less as they get to bed a bit earlier and get better rested overall).

Summer is going fine.  It just doesn’t feel like I’m in any kind of groove.

The new teacher and I are going to go walking tomorrow morning.  Hopefully some exercise will help.  We also are planning a trip to Filoli tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be great, and since her stuff hasn’t arrived yet, we’ve got some time to explore the area with her!  Every cloud has a silver lining.