inciting jealousy

It’s Saturday afternoon around 4:00.  Our company – dad, mom and three kids – are all respectively resting: dad with a book, mom with a nap, two of the kids and Lyd playing outside, the other kid on his own.  Our own family is also taking it easy: Jujubee is asleep, Lyd is playing outside, JJ is working on tomorrow’s Bible class (he’s writing a class on the Augsburg Confession this summer), and I just did my moxabustion and am now taking a moment to blog.

Our company was planning on being more out and about the Bay Area today.  But their youngest is a bit sick, plus they’ve been vacationing at an intense pace for about week, so a relaxing day in our big house where there’s plenty of room for everyone – both inside and outside – is a good place to have a relaxing day.  They’re enjoying it, and so are we.

I warned our company last night that our family has not been able to get up out of bed before 9am this summer, and thankfully our company thought that was perfect.  So, I got up at 9 and made a double batch of buttermilk pancakes with bacon and fresh fruit on the side.  Yum.  🙂 A little after noon, all the females decided to go to the Farmer’s Market, where we stocked up on loads of delicious stuff, including a 4 pound hunk of salmon which will be our Sunday dinner tomorrow.  We also bought an almost obscene amount of organic strawberries (that are SO good!), so we’ll be making strawberry shortcake, strawberry spinach salad, and strawberry daquiris.  Yum. 🙂  The men went out later and picked up marinated tri-tip, which we’ll grill for supper tonight.  More yum. 🙂

After we’re all up from our various relaxing activities, we’re going to make lemon meringue pie with some lemons that have been living in my fridge for a while.  They came off of a friend’s tree, and they’re waiting to be put to good use.  So, we’re going to use a Betty Crocker recipe from her 1971 cookbook and make pies yet this afternoon.

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic weekend.

Thankfully, I’m also feeling better.  I’ve calmed down from my past blog posts.  I suspect that a recent dose of my homeopathic constitutional remedy provoked this flare-up of anxiety.  I’m nervous about getting pregnant, but it got much worse in the days after taking my remedy.  My body is calming down now, and I feel more able to handle the uncertainties of the future.  But, like always, a flare-up of symptoms means the remedy is working.  So, hopefully it will make good things happen.

Tomorrow we and our company plan to spend the day all together at the beach.  The weather has finally gotten summer-like here in Northern CA.  It was miserable and foggy and cool for so much of June and July, but these past few days it has finally warmed up.  The fog has even burned off along the coast, so tomorrow should be a good day to visit the Pacific Ocean.  I mentioned fish tacos at the Flying Fish Grill to our company, and they seemed super-excited about that idea.  🙂

JJ and I and our girls still have not settled into a regular summer groove, and I’m at the point where I just don’t think it will happen anymore.  So, I’m giving up.  I’ve decided that it’s not important anymore.  We’re just going to continue getting up at 9am for the rest of the summer, the girls will continue going to bed by 9:30, and I’m not going to worry about it.  It’s working for us, and IT’S SUMMER.  I’m enjoying this completely different “schedule.”

And for this weekend, I have wonderful company to enjoy, too!  What a gift!  Nine months of the year JJ and I are starved for visitors, but this summer we’ve been innundated with new people and new places.  It’s been a refreshing change. 🙂