settling down

I’ve been rather quiet with posting lately.  This is a happy result of having had company all weekend, and having AM, our new Kindergarten teacher, living with us ever since we’ve gotten back from Oregon.

Last night was the first night of July that we haven’t either been away from home or had people staying at our house.  There’s been a lot of activity!  And it’s been wonderful. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ve said for a while now that it would be perfect to have another adult woman living with me.  Not that I want to convert to Mormonism or anything, but it would be SO nice to have another woman around.  I’ve talked about this idea to other adult women with children, and they’ve all agreed with me.  We all love our husbands, to be sure, but there’s something different about having another woman around.  It’s definitely helped to offset the loneliness I often feel here.

I loved having AM stay with us.  The moving van finally arrived with her stuff (on Sunday morning, of all times!!!), so she’s settling into her own place now.  But I am so grateful for that week that we got to live together.  That time together gave all five of us the opportunity to get to know each other and begin to bond, each in our own way.  Now the girls adore her, JJ is more pleased than ever to have her on our faculty, and as for me, I’m enjoying getting to know a new friend who comes from a similar background to myself and who enjoys many of the same things that I enjoy.

God really does work everything out for good.  This week’s delay in AM’s stuff arriving here in CA was a blessing for all of us.  God’s timing is never what we expect, but it’s always right.

It’s also neat to be able to look back and see God’s hand in the Call process, too.  Our congregation called a number of teachers before calling AM, but each teacher returned the call.  Last night as JJ, AM, and I were talking in the living room, JJ said to AM, “I wish we had just called you first rather than hassling with all those other calls.”  AM smiled and responded, “I don’t know if I would have taken a call back then.”  Everything happens at the right time and for the right reason.  It’s good to see God in action like that again.

So, now I have my house back to myself.  I haven’t caught up on the laundry and cleaning yet, and I certainly haven’t caught up on the other aspects of running a household, aspects that have been woefully neglected ever since the beginning of summer.  I’ve got two weeks to catch up on things as best as I can before we leave for Wisconsin.  We have people staying in our house again while we’re gone, so once again, I have to leave the house extra-clean.  But, the benefit of having these houseguests outweighs the preparatory work: A retired pastor and his wife are staying at our home.  Their son and his wife and daughter are members of our church, and they live in an extremely small place with no room for extra people.  So when they stay in our house, not only do Grandpa and Grandma get two weeks to visit their family with plenty of space for everyone and no one stepping on anyone’s toes, this pastor also fills in for JJ on Sundays while we’re gone.  It’s hard to get guest preachers out here in the “WELS boonies,” as JJ calls it here, so this is a very nice deal.  As an added bonus, the pastor’s wife is an organist, and the first Sunday that we’ll be in WI, all four of our regular organists are unavailable.  So, it works out perfectly to have another willing organist here that Sunday. 🙂  Plus, they can take care of our cat and our fish while we’re gone, and water our plants, too.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Well, back to the business of life that is at hand.  There’s plenty to do in the next two weeks!  I guess I’d better get cracking.