summer classes

This past week was Lyd’s busiest week of the summer.  She was very tired at the end of each day, but I think she really enjoyed all the stuff she got to do.

Lyd had three different activities going on:

1) She had her art class based on the movie “The Sound of Music” on Thursday morning.  She’s had this class every Thursday morning since late June.  I timed our Oregon trip so that she wouldn’t miss any of her classes.  She’s loving this class, and the teacher is just a marvelous lady.  It’s worked out well that Jujubee’s one summer class, a Mommy & Me gymnastics class, is at the same time, so up until this week, we only had one morning that was taken up with classes.

2) This week her two-week session of swimming lessons began, with half-hour lessons every afternoon starting at 4pm.  As I wrote about yesterday, she’s doing SO well.  Today she even put her head under the water to retrieve some kind of toy from the bottom of the pool.  This is a HUGE step for her, and it’s so exciting to see her having so much fun.  “Momma!  Did you see me put my head under the water?” was the line I heard from her at least twice during class today.  I think it helps that her best friend is in the class, too.  There’s nothing like positive peer pressure!

3) This week was her one-week Fairy Dance Camp every afternoon from 1-3pm.  We weren’t sure what to expect at first, and Lyd was (as usual) nervous about this new thing.  But, again, she had a school friend in the class, and the teacher was very nice.  Plus, the girls got to dance around in ballet shoes and tap shoes, and make little tiaras and wands and skirts and … something else princess-y, I forget what.  She really enjoyed this, and combined with the swimming lessons, she was one tired little girl at the end of each day!  The class did a short recital today at the end of the last class, performing the four songs they had prepared.  Lyd took her dancing very seriously, as always, and did a great job.  I was personally gratified to see her keeping a VERY steady beat during the tap-dancing song.  I educate the parents of the students in my music classes that “It is very typical for kids to be able to keep a steady beat with their hands before they can keep a steady beat with their feet.”  So, I was pleased to see how much rhythm my girl has.

This was our busiest week here at home; next week will be lighter.  But Lyd will still have swimming lessons every afternoon, and she will have her final art class.  All the parents are invited to a tea party (tea with jam and bread? ;)) at the end of the class, where the students will show off their art projects and talk about how they made them.  On Friday, after the last swimming class, she’s been invited to spend the evening with her best friend’s family.  I invited the best friend and her two younger sisters to spend the entire day at our house on Wednesday, so I’ll have FIVE girls at my house that day!  I’m just hoping the weather is warm so that the girls can play outside.

After Friday, the girls summer classes will be all finished, and then we’ll head off to Wisconsin for two weeks!  After that, it’s only another week and a half until school begins, and summer is over.  This summer is sure flying by!

Meanwhile, I’m glad the weekend has arrived.  Both girls are showing effects of the unusually busy week, so I’m planning to put them both to bed early tonight.  But the fun week was worth it!