sweet imitation

Ever since she has had good control over her physical actions, Jujubee has always tried to imitate her big sister.  As she gets closer to achieving a full three years of age, she is able to imitate Lyd in more and more ways.  It never ceases to amaze and amuse JJ and me.

The other night during the evening meal, Lyd dropped some food down her shirt.  (Don’t ask.)  As she went looking down her shirt to find what had been dropped (again, don’t ask.), I noticed Jujubee also looking down her shirt.  Of course!  She had to do whatever her sister did!  JJ and I burst out laughing, and Lyd was forgiven for whatever it was she had done that had caused food to fall down her shirt in the first place.

It’s been hard for Jujubee to see her big sister take swimming lessons and go in a pool, because she wants to go swimming, too.  However, she has enjoyed her summer gymnastics classes in the same facility where Lyd used to take gymnastics classes.  I think it makes her feel like a big girl.

Of course, she doesn’t only imitate her big sister.  She imitates me, too.  One of my favorite imitations is when she says urgently, “Hold on sec!” and runs back to do something.  [“Hold on a second.”  But, when I say it fast, as I usually do, it really does sound more like “Hold on sec!”]  She’s such a little grown-up when she says that.  And she always uses it properly – she really does want me to “hold on a second” while she goes back and gets something.  I love that.

However, she sometimes imitates Lyd’s less-than-admirable behaviors.  I try to tell Lyd, “When you [act in a certain way], Jujubee then learns to do that, too.”  Despite my warnings, original sin still wins out plenty of times, so there are fights and arguments and tears.  But they willingly apologize to each other (when prompted by me), and they are willing for forgive and move on.  They’re good kids.

It’s so neat to watch these girls grow up together.  It’s especially neat to see how Jujubee imitates what her big sister does.  It’s quite an amazing blessing.