it’s hard work making a baby

My first pregnancy was a wonderful “oops” moment.  We weren’t even trying, but yet — it happened!  It wasn’t in our plans, but not long after I saw the two lines on the pregnancy test, my plans for the future were drastically changed anyway when I was given a pink slip at the middle school where I was teaching, informing me that I would no longer have a job once the school year was over.  I was perfectly happy with that news, because if I had known I was going to get laid off, I would have wanted to start trying to conceive at that time anyway.

Baby #2 was a lot more tricky to make.  About three months after having a miscarriage, I began seeing a practitioner of traditional chinese medicine every two weeks for acupuncture treatments and herbal therapies.  After six months of treatments (and an ovarian cyst that ruptured – ouch!) I got pregnant – yay!

I figured that it might take me a little while again to get pregnant with Baby #3.  I hoped that the homeopathy might be enough to put my system in balance, but I wasn’t surprised when it wasn’t enough (although, to be fair, I do think I got pregnant and had a very early miscarriage).  So, last May I began seeing my chinese medicine practitioner again.  This time I knew a little better what I was in for, and I had an easy time getting into the TCM groove right off the bat.

In my quest to have Baby #3, here are the things I am doing:

  • taking my basal body temperature first thing in the morning (ala Toni Weschler)
  • taking my first dose of chinese herbs right after taking my temperature
  • taking a multi-vitamin with my breakfast
  • taking a dose of Floradix iron supplement at lunchtime with a vitamin C capsule
  • doing moxabustion on my lower abdomen in the afternoon
  • taking my second dose of chinese herbs in the late afternoon
  • taking another dose of my multi-vitamin with supper
  • having acupuncture treatments every other week

And, of course, I’m trying to eat healthy.  I’ve been trying to not have much dairy, as dairy is considered Damp in chinese medicine, and apparently I have too much Damp and Cold in my body (which is not surprising, since I live in one of the coldest and dampest parts of the country!)  But, I do still eat cheese; I’m a Wisconsinite, and I can’t give up cheese completely. 😉

Most importantly, I remind myself that God will send the right baby at the right time.  I don’t know why God has chosen to make me not get pregnant as easily as other women, but I know this is part of his perfect plan for my life.  It certainly does teach me patience and trust, and those are worthwhile lessons.  And even while I struggle with my own ideas of timetables and schedules (I’m not getting any younger!), deep down I do trust that God has a good plan and I can be confident that my life is working out according to that good plan.

While I wait for another baby, I try to focus on the two lovely daughters with which I have already been blessed.  It seems that the advantage of having children spaced further apart is that you can enjoy the stage each child is in more fully without feeling the need to rush the child through it.  I have enjoyed that.  And despite the fact that my girls are four years apart in age, they seem to get along as well as sisters can be expected to.  (Althought they do fight; they definitely are sisters!)

Everything happens in God’s good time — including another baby.