a request for my readers

Regular readers have likely noticed that I’m not posting on a regular schedule like I used to.  While I’m sorry to have been disappointing my regular readers, it’s been tougher than usual to keep up with my blogging.  Part of it is that we have been quite busy going places and having people come visit us.  It’s been a VERY active summer in that department!  But beyond that, for some reason I’ve had a bit of writer’s block this summer, with the exception of writing about the things that our family has been doing.

Part of me wants to find ways to link this blog to other websites and become part of a greater blogging community.  And part of me wants to keep it personal with just a few readers, like it currently is.  Part of me would like to turn my energies into doing a Lutheran Parenting blog (which was KT’s idea), and part of me is thinking that I better not start dishing out parenting advice.  I don’t know.  I still feel like I have a lot to say, but I’m not so sure how best to say it.

We’re leaving tomorrow on a trip to Wisconsin to visit our families.  It will be good to be away.  (It will also be good to be warm!  We’ve been having a very cool summer here.)  We will be internet-less for the majority of our time away, as neither of our parents have internet access.  I considered trying to write up a bunch of blogs to schedule to post while I’m gone, but I wasn’t motivated enough to do it, and now it’s too late.  So, my blog will have to go dormant for two weeks.

But I do love this blog of mine, and I treasure this space in which to share my thoughts.  And I am honored that so many of you come back day after day, week after week, to read what I have to say.  I feel loved when I am listened to, and I love all you blog readers of mine.  I just wish I knew who you are!

So, while I’m away from the internet, I have a request for YOU, dear readers of this blog.  I am asking you to write a comment and tell me a little about yourself (without going into too many personal details; this is, after all, the internet!)   I’d love to hear how you found my blog in the first place, and I’d really love to hear what keeps you coming back to my blog.  If you’d prefer, you can email me your comment at {emilyrose23} @ {hotmail} . {com}

I’m hoping to find out who many of you are, and I thank you for your loyal readership!