what a trip!

We’re back from our trip to Wisconsin.  We had a good time, but it was not our best trip to WI that we’ve ever had.  We’re home safe, but not entirely sound…

Lyd came down with a high fever and dreadful, nasty cough on our second full day there.  It lasted the entire time, despite two trips to walk-in clinics.  By the second visit, she had also developed a double ear infection, but the doctor still missed the fact that she had mild pneumonia!!!  That explained her horrible cough (I had never heard anything like it before!) and constant fever.  Before we were even back in CA, I made an appointment for her with our regular pediatrician, and she diagnosed the trouble.  As her mother, I knew that something else was going on other than just a simple ear infection.  A cough like hers doesn’t come on simply with post-nasal drip.

To make matters worse, when her ear infections were discovered earlier this week, she was put on amoxicillian.  Even though she’s only been on amoxicillian once (maybe twice) in her life before (and that time/s would have been when she was two years old or less), she broke out into a horrible red rash all over her arms and legs and buttocks.  Apparently she’s allergic to amoxicillian (just like I was at that age)!  So, not only ded she have a fever, a horrible cough, and a double ear infection, she was completely covered with an itchy rash.  My poor daughter broke down in tears and wailed at me, “I just want to feel better, Momma!”

We called the walk-in clinic doctor, told him what had happend, and her prescribed a different antibiotic.  The pharmacist recommended Benadryl for the rash.  While JJ was picking up those medications, I gave Lyd a baking-soda bath at Grandma’s house.  The Benadryl has helped tremendously, but she still needs to take it regularly or her hives come back.  Hopefully that will cease in the next 24 hours or so.

I gave her a dose of Benadryl before we left for the airport yesterday, and then we all ate some breakfast.  However, with the early morning wake-up, the sickness, the medicines, and the nerves, it all was too much for Lyd, and she threw up all over herself yesterday morning just as we pulled into the airport.  That was a situation I would not wish on anyone.  What with Lyd’s vomiting (and Jujubee’s diarrhea, as you’ll find when you continue to read) it was QUITE a plane ride home.  Plus, with Lyd’s ears being infected, the descent of the plane caused her a LOT of pain in her ears.  Poor girl; we had a short layover in Kansas City and had to take-off and land twice.  She was in tears each time; it was awful.  At least the plane rides themselves were smooth, un-turbulent, and on time.

We finally did make it home, and we’re SO glad to be back.  At the appointment with our pediatrician yesterday afternoon, Lyd was diagnosed properly and is on the right antibiotic.  She’s still got the nasty cough, but her mood has greatly improved and she’s feeling much better.  However, she WILL be taking afternoon naps every day until she’s back to being healthy.  She’s not thrilled about that, so I know she’s starting to feel better.  😉  At least we have a week and a half to get her back to healthy before school starts!

Jujubee was fine on the whole trip, and thankfully never caught her sister’s bug, which considering her medical history is rather amazing.  However, she caught something the morning we came home, and she’s had diarrhea since just before we boarded the plane.  I brought eight diapers with us on the plane, and was down to three when we got off.  I would have had fewer diapers left, but due to my fear of running out of diapers, I started lining her diapers with the paper hand towels from the airplane bathroom.  That stretched out the diapers a little more.  She came along to Lyd’s pediatrician visit, and when I asked the nurse to take her temperature, she had a higher temperature than Lyd!  She’s feeling okay, although she’s quite irritable.  However, we’re hoping this bug goes through her soon and she can get back to being healthy, too.


With Lyd being sick the entire trip, I can’t say that we had a wonderful vacation.  Plus the weather was SO hot and humid, and the amount of mosquitoes was unbelievable.  With all of those factors, we weren’t able to do as many fun activities as we had hoped.  But, we did manage to do a few things.  We got to see a few friends (but not always with Lyd), go a few places (but Lyd fussed and whined most of the time), and have a fun afternoon at Bay Beach with a big gathering of my relations (which Lyd didn’t enjoy until she got a dose of Tylenol from my cousin.  I had forgotten our Tylenol at home.)  JJ and I got to go out and have dinner with a friend one night, and we also went to the first Packer preseason game last Saturday night with a bunch of my cousins.  After a week of horrible heat and humidity in Wisconsin, that night had perfect weather.

Last night, after we had finally made it back to our home in California, after a healthy supper of homemade chicken soup was prepared and eaten (thank God for chicken broth that I had made and frozen four months ago!), and after the girls were practically passed out asleep in their beds, JJ and I sat at the kitchen table, drinking up the last of the Merlot that our house guests had left behind.  As we talked, JJ told me that at the airport that morning, the ticket agent had questioned JJ as to whether or not we wanted to take our vomiting child with infected ears home on a plane.  The ticket agent suggested we delay our trip home.  JJ said that he thought about it a bit, but then thought, “Well, we’re already here,” and decided to go home as planned.  I was busy cleaning Lyd up and dealing with an on-the-floor-and-tantruming-Jujubee at the time, and I didn’t know anything about the ticket agent’s suggestion.  But I’m glad JJ decided that we should just go home.  Difficult as the trip was for all of us, it was SO nice to be home last night and to sleep in our own beds.

Even Lyd, who had the worst time on the plane of all of us, got into her bed last night and emphatically said, “Momma, I’m SO glad to be home!”  So, tired and/or sick as we all were, I’m glad we just toughed it out and came back.

I’m sure we won’t forget this trip anytime soon!  But the good thing is we’re not likely to have another trip like this again for a long time.


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  1. I have to say, Lydia was such a trooper at the family gathering. I can’t imagine feeling that rotten and having to be in a public place for hours. Tell her she did awesome considering how bad she felt! I hope the next trip is better!

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