“Little House” love

Earlier this summer, I began reading Lyd the Laura Ingalls Wilder book, Little House on the Prairie.  I started with that book, rather than Little House in the Big Woods, because I thought the storyline might be a little easier for her to follow.  Lyd LOVED it!

We finished reading the book in Wisconsin.  At my parent’s home, there were a few Little House books, including Little House in the Big Woods.  So, since Lyd had loved Little House on the Prairie so much, I changed my mind and decided to read that one to Lyd as well.  Unsurprisngly, she loved that one, too.

On one of the days of our trip when Lyd was feeling a bit better, the four of us took a trip with my parents to see Heritage Hill State Historical Park in Green Bay.  It’s an old-time town where you can see how people lived long ago.  I figured there would be some buildings/things there that would be of the Little House era that Lyd would find interesting.  We did find a few things there that fit with the Little House era, but some of it was a little beyond her yet.  However, we did find good stuff in the gift shop.  My mom bought Lyd a children’s book version of one chapter of Little House in the Big Woods, the chapter entitled “Dance at Grandpa’s.”  It was neat to see more pictures added to the story; it really helped Lyd to visualize what was going on.

My prize find in the gift shop was a recording of many of Pa’s fiddle songs by Bruce Hoffman, called “A Tribute to Charles ‘Pa’ Ingalls.”  It’s so neat to hear melodies for many of the songs that Laura Ingalls Wilder writes out in her books.  I’ve had that CD playing on our computer the last two days.

We’re almost done with Little House in the Big Woods.  We’ve only got two chapters left.  I think I’m going to stop with the Little House books for a while and read her something different.  Perhaps I’ll do Betsy-Tacy, or The Secret Garden or A Little Princess.  Something like that.  We can always pick up with the Little House books again in the future.  Lyd has certainly enjoyed those books this summer!


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  1. The musical was at the PAC this spring starring Melissa Gilbert. It was a fun show! My mom and I are Little House Fans (tv & books) too!

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