a summer day

We are finally – FINALLY – seeing warm, summer-like weather here in northern CA.

This is August 23, people.  The weather people tell us we have only three days of this warm weather.  I intend to fully enjoy them.

I put my morning to good use today by washing all of my living room windows.  This is no small feat, but at least the girls were willing to help.  Or, should I say, “help.”  Lyd kept repeating, “Good heavens!” as she cleaned windows and ended up with one filthy paper towel after another.  The windows probably hadn’t been cleaned in about, oh, I don’t know, two years, so they were pretty bad.  But now they sparkle!

I put on the sprinkler in the afternoon, and Lyd and Jujubee and a neighbor girl had fun running through it in their swimsuits.  Every so often I had to move the sprinkler so that a different part of our lawn got watered.  The kids had a great time.  Jujubee had never run through a sprinkler before, so she thought it was pretty neat.

After lunch today, as I wondered aloud to JJ what I should make for supper, JJ suggested that we drive to the ocean and he would grill us some burgers on a beach.  I didn’t need to be asked twice!  We got going a little later than we had intended (5:30), but luckily we had smooth sailing all the way to Half Moon Bay.  We ate at San Gregorio beach, and we had a lovely time.  The girls, of course, enjoyed digging in the sand and sticking their toes in the cold ocean water.  For some reason, Jujubee preferred to bury one of her shovels.  Luckily we only brought along seven sand toys, so it was easy to see that one was missing.  And, luckily, Jujubee’s pile of sand was easy to spot.  I had to dig out her shovel before we left, or it would have been left behind.

The most beautiful part of the evening was watching the sun sink below the horizon to the west, and watching the full moon rise over the hills to the east at the same time.  It was the nicest night weather-wise that we’ve had at a beach all calendar year.  Every other time we’ve gone it’s been incredibly windy.  But tonight it was warm with just a gentle breeze blowing.  Just perfect.

I’m so excited to have two more days of 90 degree weather!!!  Finally!  After a cooler-than-average summer, it’s nice to finally be getting some real summer weather!