first day of first grade

Today was Lyd’s first day of first grade, which for her has been a long-awaited day.  She was up at 7am this morning (very early for her) asking if it was time for school.  I made pancakes for breakfast, which are her favorite, and we got off to school on time.  Yay!

There are seven children in her classroom in grades 1-5.  (Yup.  It’s quite unusual.)  Her best friend is in second grade, and she’s delighted to be in the same classroom with her.  She loved everything about her day at school except for the fact that her classroom chore this week is vacuuming, and she’s scared of vacuums.  So, we’ll see how that goes.

Poor Jujubee didn’t have quite as good of a day.  She understood that Lyd had to go to school and that she had to stay home, and overall she seemed okay with it.  She played quite well on her own, looking at books and then going outside and playing in the sandbox, but she was more whiny than usual.  I made rice krispy treats for all 11 schoolkids at lunchtime, and Jujubee and I walked them down to the lunchroom.  She was happy to do that, but didn’t want to come back home alone.  Hopefully as time goes on she’ll get more used to it.  In a few weeks my teaching schedule starts up again, along with her art and gymnastics classes, and that will help, too.

So, we’re back in the school routine again.  The summer whizzed by, leaving us only our memories.  But it was a great summer.  I’m hoping and praying that it will be a great school year for Lyd, too.