knee surgery

My mother underwent a complete knee replacement surgery yesterday.  She’s had problems with her knee for years, and I’m gently prodded her to get a doctor to look at her knee.  She has always refused; I’m still not quite sure what happened to change her mind.  However, saw a doctor she did, he recommended her to an orthopedic surgeon, he took one look at her test results (X-rays? MRI? I’m not sure what they did), and said her knee was in horrible shape, with almost no miniscus left.  Ouch!  No wonder she was in such pain.  So, she scheduled the surgery for one week’s time, and yesterday (Tuesday) was the day.

It seems she came through the surgery well.  I talked to her on the phone this evening, and while she sounded tired, she was awake and alert.  She’ll be in the hospital for 3-4 days, and then 7-10 days in a rehabilitation place.  Hopefully then, she will be recovered enough to come home and resume normal life.

I hope everything goes well over the next few weeks.  As always, I wish I could be closer to help out.  But, I remain 2000 miles away, snuggled into the foggy and cool San Francisco Bay Area.  For some reason, the Lord has seen fit to have us not live close together.  It helps that I do like living in Northern CA.  But, I do wish I could be closer to my family during rough times.

Well, who knows what the future will hold, right?