potty training

I thought all summer about potty training Jujubee, but things always came up that made me put it off, things like trips to Arizona, Oregon and Wisconsin, plus busy summer days in between back in California.  But, finally, last Thursday, I decided that The Day Had Come, and I began to potty train my almost-three year old daughter.

When Lyd was young, a long-time member of our church who ran a daycare for many years advised me to not try to potty train a child before the age of three.  She insisted that it wasn’t worth the time and effort when kids are younger, and that it goes much faster and works better when they’re a more mature three.  I have always held that advice in my head, and that encouraged me to be more inclined to hold off potty training my kids.  But, this past week I decided to give it a go.  She’s almost three, and I was ready to do it.  So, off we went.

I more or less used a combination of elements of the “Potty Training in a Day” method and the “Naked and $75” method.  Jujubee was bottom-less for most of the day, and I fed her all the juice and water that she could hold.  She spent much of her day sitting on the potty, and she got two M&Ms every time she did what she was supposed to do.  I read her lots of books while she sat on the potty, and later we moved the potty in front of the TV, and she sat on the potty while watching PBS kids.  It all went quite well; she even pooped on the potty during a moment when I wasn’t in the room!  Hooray!

The following days still had successes, but had their share of failures, too.  She only has two pairs of cotton training pants and two pairs of actual panties, and on more than one day she managed to pee on all four pairs.  I had to do an extra load of laundry every night in order for us to be able to try again the next day.

But, we’ve had more successes than failures as the past seven days have gone on.  In fact, she has stayed dry during two naps in the past week, and she even woke up with a dry diaper last night.  Today, she managed not to wet her panties at all (until after supper!), and I was even able to take her to her art class and to the grocery store during which time she kept her panties dry.  So, we’re making good progress.

I’m not sure why she often resists sitting down on the potty, but then will produce the desired outcome after a minute or two.  Perhaps it’s her just getting used to her body’s new signals, or perhaps she misses the convenience of having a diaper; I don’t know.  But, once she actually makes pee, she gets a big open-mouthed exuberant smile on her face, and she announces to anyone who is nearby “I made pee on the potty!”  So, I try to give as little emotional response to her protests as possible and just distract her with something else, usually a book.

The pooping has not gone right the past few days.  Perhaps it’s the fact that she’s used to pooping in a diaper while standing up; sitting to poop is foreign to her.  She seems to really not like the sitting down aspect.  I’m not quite sure how that will end up, as she has been unsuccessful in getting her poop in the appropriate place for the last four days.  I’m sure that, whatever her issue is, she is unable to verbalize it to me, so I’ll just have to continue being as supportive – and watchful – as possible.  Her big sister had issues with pooping on the potty, too, and I know some tricks for dealing with that if I have to.

But today was a day of big successes.  Jujubee stayed dry for two hours while we were away from home, and she stayed dry for the vast majority of the day, only losing it when she was tired in the evening.  I am delighted.

When she and I were at the grocery store today, she asked if she could push a little kid’s cart.  I agreed easily, and that’s the only cart we used.  She pushed it around the store SO well, not running into anything (except the back of my legs once or twice) and patiently waiting at the deli counter and in the checkout line.  She even returned her empty cart to the appropriate location all on her own!  She was so ridiculously grown up today, that it made me teary-eyed for a moment.  Her speech is so easy to understand these days, her personality is (usually) so delightful, and now she’s pretty much potty-trained!  Wow!  My baby is growing up!

I’m hoping I get blessed with a pregnancy soon.  I don’t know if I can handle not having a baby around anymore.  Although, Jujubee vehemently insists that she is still my baby. 🙂  What a darling girl!