Mommy and baby moxa

Part of my “trying-to-get-pregnant” regimen involves daily moxabustion treatments.  It’s a chinese medical practice, and it’s pretty simple.  The point of moxa is to bring heat (and with the heat comes extra blood and warmth) to a cold part of the body.  In my case, I hold the moxa stick over my belly at a point about two inches below my belly button, and I gently warm the area for about ten minutes-ish.

To do moxabustion, you use a moxabustion stick, which starts off as a 4 inch long black stick about the circumference of a small cigar made of compressed incense.  To light it, you hold one end over an open flame (like a candle) for about a minue or so until you can tell that it’s “caught fire.”  It doesn’t flame or anything, it just smokes a bit.  I have some kind of low-smoke moxa stick from acupuncturist, but once I get my moxa stick lit, I always take it outside to actually do the treatment.  I have a small bowl of sand that I keep next to me, and as the stick smoulders, it makes ash at the end.  So, every few minutes I have to tap the ash off into the bowl.

When there’s not much left of the moxa stick (usually takes about 10-15 treatments to get a moxa stick burned down), I get out a new one.  However, the last time I had a small stub of a stick, I left it in my sand bowl for some reason (probably laziness).  When I got out a new stick the next time, Jujubee was with me.  I asked her if she wanted the small moxa stick, and she was delighted.  I (obviously!) didn’t light her stick, but I did light mine.  Once the stick was lit, she and I went outside together and we moxa’ed together.  She had fun pretending to moxa her belly, and I enjoyed actually moxa-ing mine.

She named her stick “Baby Moxa stick” and mine is, unsurprisingly, “Momma Moxa stick.”  She feels very proud to have her own moxa stick and be just like her Momma.  Every once and a while, I gently hover my hot moxa stick over her belly button, and while she thinks that’s pretty neat, she never likes it on for too long.

And it’s nice for me to have a relaxing moment with my little girl, a little girl who I was blessed to conceive through other moxa treatments four years ago.  I hope these treatments are just as successful.