I’m blaming this one on brain freeze from too much birthday cake

I had an experience tonight that I hope to not repeat anytime soon.

I forgot that I had to teach a music class!

I have a 6:30 p.m. class on Wednesday evenings, and it’s a time slot in which I’ve never had a class before.  It’s only the third week of the session, so it still feels pretty new to me.  The last two days I’ve been very busy doing two parties for Jujubee, and somehow this class totally skipped my mind.

So tonight, around 5:55, as we were eating our supper, out of the blue I remembered that I had to teach a class in 35 minutes, and I didn’t have a thing ready.  I completely panicked.  I know I yelled pretty loudly; Lyd said that I scared her.

My husband said he would go down to the church fellowship hall and set everything up for me, which was a HUGE help.  I immediately went to my computer to type up my lesson plan.  Thankfully, I still had lesson plans from when I taught this collection six years ago, so I tweaked one of those lessons.  I then quickly ate the rest of my supper, brushed my teeth, was thankful that I was still dressed up a little more nicely from Jujubee’s birthday party earlier in the day, and headed down to the fellowship hall.

JJ had gotten everything set up that he could, and I got out the rest of the materials I needed for the class.  I re-read over my lesson plan, so that I wouldn’t be surprised by any of the songs.  Then the families started to arrive, and I taught the class!

It actually went quite well, and no one knew how close I had come to completely forgetting about the class.  🙂

I’m just so thankful that I remembered in time!  God is good.  I’m just hoping that this doesn’t happen again next week, although after this shocking experience, I doubt it will.  I certainly hope not!