garage sale happiness

On the way to the Farmer’s Market today, I noticed a garage sale sign not too far from our house.  So, I thought I would check it out on the way home.  As I drove past it, Lyd immediately noticed that, “They have Barbies!”  She is very big into Barbies right now, so I pulled over.

Yes, they did have Barbies there, five of them along with some extra Barbie clothes and some smaller dolls.  I’d been meaning to buy Lyd some more Barbies in this way (finding them at a rummage sale), so I asked how much the whole bunch of Barbies would cost.  The lady in charge told me $3.  I readily agreed.

It was actually a pretty good garage sale for us.  The family had two daughters, ages 15 and 12, so there was plenty of girly stuff for sale.  Lyd found a few more things, while Jujubee found a miniature cookie sheet, child-size red oven mitt, and rolling pin, all of which were meant to be used for real.  I bought those for her.

We found a puzzle, a game about the 50 states, a necklace, a wooden basket for my kitchen, a 3-ring binder with dividers for my ever-expanding recipe collection, a large pink bag, and some cupcake liners.  I found a bin of fancy hotel soaps, shampoos, and lotions.  I love good hotel soaps, so I took all of those, too.

With a few more odds and ends added in, all in all we spent a grand total of …

Eight dollars.

As soon as we got home, Lyd immediately started playing with her new Barbies, and pretty much continued for the rest of the day.  When her friend came over to visit later, she even took two Barbies outside with her.  (She would have taken more, but I drew the line at two.)  During her bath this evening, so happily told me, “I played with my new Barbies ALL DAY!”  She is beyond delighted at her new toys.

As for Jujubee, she came home, headed to her play kitchen, and immediately started “baking cookies” for us.  She proudly wore her little oven mitt and carried her pan of “cookies” to all of us to try.  We each took an imaginary cookie, bit into it, and proclaimed it “delicious!”  She would smile happily, trot back to her kitchen, and do it again.  Over and over she did that.  She was happy as a clam.

Both girls were incredibly delighted with their new toys.  I’m excited to have some new fancy bars of soap.  I’ve been trying to only use homemade and/or organic soaps lately, but fancy hotel soaps are good to use, too.  🙂

I had no idea that I was going to such a perfect rummage sale for my girls, and I can’t believe how much joy my kids got out of $8 worth of stuff.

The only downside was that the 100 piece kitten puzzle that Lyd fell in love with instantly is missing three pieces.  The rummage sale is going on again tomorrow, so I may drive back over and ask that if they find the other pieces, they would call us.  She was bummed about those missing pieces.

However, the more-than-doubling of her Barbie collection made the day completely worthwhile.  🙂