Yesterday (Monday) was a national holiday, so for most Californians, us included, there was no school.  So, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.  I took both girls to the local mall to get some new clothes for Lyd.  My supply of hand-me-downs is at an end, and I am now forced to actually buy clothing for my daughter.  Oh, well.  Since I had to get her some non-school clothes to wear (students wear uniforms at our school), I was ready to hit the big sales that were going on last weekend.

I took both girls with me, and they did really, really well.  Jujubee was content to sit in her stroller for most of the time, without me ever buckling her in.  Sometimes she wanted me to put the stroller back down so she could recline, and I did.  She was really good.

Lyd really enjoyed the shopping; I may be in trouble in the future!  She has definite ideas about what she likes and does not like (which is better than me.  The girls were very patient while, when I was done shopping for Lyd, I tried to go in a few stores to find something for me.  I have no idea what looks good on me, and I wasn’t able to really find anything I liked.  I bought one shirt on clearance at Banana Republic, but JJ doesn’t care for it, so I don’t know if I’ll keep it or not.)

Anyway, Lyd had a grand time finding things she liked.  However, we didn’t agree on everything, which is probably a sign of Doom to Come in the teenage years.  Oh, well.  Regardless, we brought hom two bags of clothes that we now have to try on and decide what to keep. She was already wearing some of them after school today, and was telling me how much she loved them.

Lyd has quite definite ideas about fashion and how to do her hair and the jewelry she likes.  I’m not sure where she gets this from, as I am not that way.  I guess to a large degree, it’s just … Lyd.  She is her own unique person.

But, I strongly suspect that she will not have the shopping problems that I have, where I don’t know what my personal style really is.  She already knows what she likes to wear! 🙂