Chilean mine rescue

Like many people in the world, I have been intruigued by the story of the 33 Chilean miners trapped half a mile below the ground.  Although, to be more honest, at first the story terrified me.  I could only picture myself trapped in such a situation, and it scared me quite badly.  I remember reading the latest update to that story on the internet before bed one night, and it made me so anxious that I had to take something to get to sleep.  So, after that I made a conscious effort to avoid stories about the Chilean mine.

But as time went on, I couldn’t help noticing headlines such as “Rescue Date Moved Up” and “Rescue Shaft Almost Completed.”  I started reading the stories again and found they contained good news.

Last weekend, as the men drilling the escape shaft got closer and closer to their goal, I was intently following the stories, wondering when the rescues would actually be able to start.

Last night, I had a meeting while the first miner came up, but I watched the second miner come up thanks to the live streaming via the internet, and I couldn’t stop watching — or crying.  It was just so amazing!  I was able to watch a few more men come up before I went to bed.

This morning, as soon as I came downstairs, I turned on the live stream again, and watched more men come up, one after the other.  This afternoon I had it on again, and I just couldn’t stop getting weepy every time another guy came up.  I’d see the wife and/or kids hug the miner, and that would be it.  The crowd around the escape shaft was so enthusiastic for every single miner over the entire 22 hour rescue mission that I couldn’t help but be enthusiastic, too.

I was very impressed with the Chilean president and his wife, who also were there for the entire rescue mission.  The Chilean president’s smile looked just as hearty and energetic for every single miner.  Even at the end, when everyone had been up for over 24 hours carrying out the rescue operation, people were still happy and enthusiastic.  There were still chants of “Chi! Chi! Chi!  Le! Le! Le!” after almost every miner.

It was just amazing!

Since the rescue was going so well, I let the girls watch with me in the late afternoon.  I told Jujubee that “the man is stuck, and they’re going to get him unstuck.”  Lyd obviously understood a little more, and when I found a neat computer animation of how the rescue was being carried out, then she REALLY understood what was happening.

We all, including my husband, watched together as the last miner came up out of the mine, and the speech and singing and celebration that ensued.  As usual, I was weepy.  (Lyd was disparaging of all my weepy times, and I told her, “Just you wait.  Someday you’ll be the same way.”  She insisted she’ll never be like that, so I’m looking forward to reminding her of that someday! :))

I was personally just as delighted, however, when the last of the six rescue workers emerged from the mine.  I had been nervous about that last guy getting stuck or something like that, and I was personally very glad when finally the mine was emptied.

It was such an uplifting experience, watching this rescue go SO smoothly!  There was so much national pride going on, so much honest, raw emotion when families were reunited, and it left me with such a good feeling in my heart.  God truly does answer prayers.

And all this crying was quite therapeutic for me, too! 🙂


If you avoid the news on a regular basis and didn’t know anything about this Chilean mine story, here’s a nice story here: