Jujubee is a different child than Lyd.  They are sisters, and they definitely do love each other, but they are very different girls.

For example, Lyd is not particularly interested in reading.  She is developing reading skills just fine, and I’m sure she’ll be an able reader.  But, I don’t sense in her a strong desire to walk around with a book in her hand.  She likes to dance and imagine and make or wear pretty things.

However, Jujubee, at the tender age of three, already likes to sit and look at books.  She will pull random books off the shelf and carefully turn the pages.  One of her current favorites is a collection of new Curious George stories, but she also enjoys the many board books that our family has accumulated over the past seven years.

Jujubee has also recently discovered the “Hidden Picture” pages in the preschool magazine “High Five” that Highlights puts out, and finding the pictures entertains her for at least a half hour at a time.  She will sit quietly, spend time looking at each page before gently turning the page and doing the same thing with the next one.  In fact, she would prefer to look at a book than go outside on her own.  That is definitely me!  It’s not that I don’t like going outside, because I do and Jujubee likes being outside, too, it’s just the idea of playing outside on one’s own is less exciting that looking at a book or magazine.  I completely understand that feeling.  (Of course, as an adult, what I really enjoy is taking good reading material outside on a lovely day – it’s the best of both worlds.)

Once things settle down at our house, I’m going to buckle down and really work on teaching her letters and sounds.  I am told that I could read before I was in Kindergarten, and I certainly don’t remember a time when I could NOT read.  I think Jujubee is on track to follow in my footsteps.

It’s so interesting — many people say that she looks just like me, and her basic coloring and hair color is exactly the same as mine.  Her homeopathic constitutional remedy is the same as mine.  Her propensity to get the same illness over and over is the same as I was as a child (mine was ear infections, hers is wheezy bronchitis; from some holistic perspectives, those are closely related illnesses).

When Jujubee gets too overtired, she is likely to break down and cry.  Just like her Momma.  She still really needs an afternoon nap, but it’s been difficult because she doesn’t always like to fall asleep, and if she DOES fall asleep, then it’s so hard for her to fall asleep at night.  Howver, if she does NOT get a nap, she is usually a crying mess by suppertime.  I’m not sure how to resolve that one.

Her speech continues to improve.  Our new Kindergarten teacher recently remarked on how much Jujubee’s speech has improved just since the teacher arrived in CA in July.  I understand just about 100% of what she says these days, which is pretty neat.  She’s also developed a new tendency to repeat herself over and over again.  She’ll say it once, and say it 3-4 more times (for good measure?)  This surprises me, because those of you who know me well know that I NEVER repeat myself.  I NEVER say things over and over again.  I NEVER have this strong desire to be understood.


She’s definitely my child.  🙂