busy IRL

(IRL = in real life)

Oh, hi!  You’re still reading this blog even though I haven’t posted anything in over a week!  How hopeful of you!  Sadly, your hope is unfulfilled as the answer is no, I haven’t written anything yet.  Unless you count this post, a post that is only here to say, “Oh, hi!  Sorry for not writing.”

Well, I have an excuse for not writing: These past 7-8 days have been the busiest week of 2010 for our family, and while the Big Events are now over, I still have the weekend to get through, which means I have teaching tomorrow morning and church on Sunday.  Of course, it had to fall on the church schedule that I am up for Coffee Hour this weekend, AND it had to happen that my partner for said Coffee Hour is out of town, so I have to do it solo.  Luckily, I have leftovers from the Big Events which will mostly fill the bill.

BUT, I have had a fantastic week with two big parties and one birthday girl, and thanks to all the hootenanies and hullabaloos, I am now the proud owner of a mild cold and a super-tired body.  But the parties were awesome and SO worth it!  I’m taking lots of Echinancea in the hopes of keeping the cold from getting worse; so far, so good.  Jujubee is also trying to fight off some illness, and the homeopathy is holding it at bay.  Yay, herbs!  Yay, homeopathy! 

So many fun things to write about, but you, faithful reader, will have to wait until Monday to hear the news.  I promise: A real post will be ready to read on Monday.

Love you all!