sleeping between the sheets?

I love sleeping between cool, crisp, smooth sheets.  I enjoy scissors-kicking my legs between the sheets as I settle down for the night.  It’s such a good feeling.  Now, I currently do not have cool, crisp, smooth sheets on my bed.  Instead, I have plain cotton ones that are not a super-high thread count.  But regardless, I still like sleeping between sheets.  I don’t like sleeping with just a blanket and/or comforter over me.

Lyd is different.  She does not enjoy sleeping between sheets.  Every night, she kicks her sheet down to the bottom of her bed and sleeps wrapped up in her comforter.  Sometimes when I go to bed, I will adjust her bedclothes so that the sheet is once again over her, but inevitably by morning, the sheet is back down to the bottom of the bed.

This behavior confuses me.  Who would not like the feel of smooth sheets?  Does anyone else feel this way?

And does anyone think this behavior might have been caused by me not putting sheets in Lyd’s crib when she was a baby, so that she got used to sleeping with just blankets?  But then again, does anyone put sheets in a baby’s crib?  Does anyone use sheets in a toddler bed (which is the same size as a crib)?

I guess this annoys me so much because I’d much rather wash the sheets regularly without having to also wash her thick comforter, but when she sleeps as she does, I feel that I should wash her comforter more frequently.  I don’t want to do that!  I tell Lyd to use the sheet, but she never does.

Well, regardless, I washed all the sheets AND comforters today, so she’s in a clean bed tonight.  Plus, the girls got bathed before bed and they’re wearing (matching!) clean pajamas.  So, no matter how she sleeps, I’m sure she’ll sleep well.

Is this because of sleeping in a crib just with blankets?