a good Lutheran hymn-sing

One week ago, we had a bunch of pastors over to our house for a party.  The Arizona-California district of the WELS was holding its annual Pastors Conference, and this year it was held in San Jose, about 40 minutes from our home.  So, my husband had the idea to invite a number of his pastor-friends over to our home on Wednesday night to have a little “hootenanny.”  I love planning parties, and this one was no exception.  Plus, I love hanging around pastors, so this was an especially fun party for which to plan.

My friend KT, who is also a pastor’s wife in this district, and her husband and young daughter stayed with us during the conference.  Thankfully, she was very willing to help out with preparations for the party on Wednesday.  Together, we put on quite a spread for the pastors to nibble on, and it all went over really well.

About 16 pastors came, and they all seemed to have a good time relaxing and chatting with each other in a comfortable environment.  At one point, I offered to give the “nickel tour” of the grounds and the church, and most of the out-of-town guys came along, as well as my husband.  We took them over to church, showed them around, and then Jon, our district president, started playing hymns on the piano at church.  “We should have a hymn-sing,” he said, so I suggested they all get copies of the hymnal and hymnal supplement from the church and bring them back over to the house.  Everyone did, and the hymn-sing continued in earnest at the house, with Jon on the piano.  Eventually he and I switched, and I took over on the piano, playing supplement hymns.  Some of the new supplement hymns were unfamiliar to some of the pastors, but there’s nothing like singing an unfamiliar hymn and discovering that it’s a gem!  I think that discovery happened for a number of guys that night.

We must have sung hymns together for almost an hour.  My two girls and KT’s little girl all stayed up WAY past their bedtimes, but it being such a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of event, we didn’t even try to put them to bed.  (I’m sure they wouldn’t have gone to bed willingly anyway – I know I would not have!)  I thought it was a great opportunity for the little ones to hear all of these hymns sung with such gusto in their own living room.  What fun!

(You can see a short video of an early portion of the hymn sing with Jon on the piano here on YouTube.  I think I was still outside talking with a pastor, and we were gradually working our way back into the house.  KT is the one woman singing amidst all the men.)

It was SUCH a wonderful evening, and I was so sad to see it end.  I enjoyed talking with everyone, and I got to know a number of pastors much better than I did before.  I enjoyed having a house full of people.  I enjoyed singing and making music with all of these fellow Christians.  It was just a wonderful experience, and it’s too bad that it likely won’t happen again anytime soon.

At least I have a lot of good memories of the evening.  🙂