standard time WIN?

As parents with small kids know, the “extra hour of sleep” that the end of Daylight Savings Time theoretically offers is non-existent once you have kids.  Those sweet kidlets completely ignore the fact that they could have an entire extra hour of sleep, and instead they wake up at the same time they always do.  Crazy kids!  So, this year, rather than complaining how my kids made me miss my extra hour of sleep, I decided to approach it differently.

On Sunday morning, I got up with my girls at the regular time regardless of what the clock said, and I enjoyed an extra hour of snuggling/cuddling time in my bed with my girls.  (JJ was out of town this weekend.)  We read books together in bed, and once my girls’ hungry tummies drove us from the bed, I took a few extra pains with breakfast.  I brewed a small pot of cranberry-apple zinger tea to go with our typical Sunday morning repast of scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast, and the girls and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast together while the local classical music radio station played choral music in the background.

As the day went on, I decided to try to keep the kids on Daylight Savings Time.  I decided this because our family has really struggled the past few months with doing things too late.  We all get up too late (and have to really hustle to get Lyd off to school on time), we have supper too late, and we get to bed too late.  So, what if we continued to do those things at the time we always have, except now the clock would say that we’re doing them an hour earlier?

It doesn’t work quite perfectly with lunchtime at school, but overall it worked quite well today.  Getting Lyd off to school in the morning was a much easier experience, and I got the girls to bed on their “normal” time, although the clock said it was a whole hour earlier.  Last night, I also was delighted to get to bed at my “normal” time, despite what the clock said.  I hope to do the same tonight.

So, we’ll see how this works out in the next few days.  Switching to Standard Time may not have gotten any of us an extra hour of sleep, but it may have made our lives a little bit easier.


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