Since it’s Thanksgiving Day, here are five things for which I’m thankful (in the tradition of “5 Kernels of Corn”):

  1. new heater and a new roof – The church spent a big bunch of money to put these in/on the parsonage last year, and over the past week we have been SO thankful for them!
  2. hubby’s paycheck – I am so grateful for his regularly-arriving paycheck, and for the generous hearts of the members of our church.  I know not every pastor’s family is so blessed, and I pray for those pastors who are financially struggling in their congregations.
  3. minivan – We bought our Honda Odyssey when Jujubee was a newborn, and it is a wonderful, reliable car.  Now that we’ve been down to one vehicle for most of 2010, it’s been getting plenty of use, and it’s never let us down.
  4. daughters – Every day, I marvel at the miracles that my two daughters are.  My struggles with trying to get pregnant have made me even more aware of what a blessing my children truly are.
  5. hubby – My husband has taught me so many lessons, and most of them were lessons I didn’t realize I needed to learn.  He is truly God’s gift to me, and I am grateful to God for joining us together in marriage.

Most importantly, I am thankful to God for giving me all of these earthly blessings, and most of all for giving me the sure promise of future eternal blessings in heaven.

I am thankful.


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