a three year old at Christmas

Sunday afternoon after church, we decorated our house for Christmas.  Three year-old Jujubee was very excited; as I mentioned earlier, she was in awe of the Christmas decorations that we had seen at the mall.  So, she was overjoyed when she realized that we were going to have our Very Own Christmas Tree — In Our House!!!

Our tree was delivered on Saturday (a kind member of our church buys us a real tree every year and delivers it to our house), and Jujubee kept running out to the back porch to look at the tree.  “That’s our tree!” she would exclaim.  “And we’re going to put ormaments (yes, that’s how she pronounced it) on the tree, and it will live at our house, and I can touch it.” 🙂  She was excited.

So, this afternoon, when she came downstairs (after her futile attempt at a nap!) and discovered that the Christmas tree had been placed in the stand and lights were being put on it, she was in such awe that she was at a loss for words.  She held on to my hand tightly and just gazed at the tree.

When we started putting “ormaments” on, at first she didn’t understand how to do it.  After a failed attempt, she didn’t even want to keep trying.  But eventually as we went along, she figured it out.  We had some friends over to share the decorating experience with us, and once Jujubee caught on about how to do it, one of our friends boosted her up so that she could hang “ormaments” on the higher branches.  She really enjoyed that!

Real trees have a wonderful smell, and Jujubee noticed it right away.  She took some opportunities to put her nose in the tree and smell it, and after one of those times she said, “I have Christmas in my nose!”

One of the Christmas decorations that we brought out was a wooden Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  This Rudolph comes with removable wooden antlers, and Jujubee enjoyed putting the antlers on her head and saying, “I’m Rudolph!”  At one point while she had the antlers on her head, we teased her a bit, asking her, “Are you Rudolph?  Do you have a red nose?”  She thoughtfully rubbed her nose and responded, “I have a white one.”  Then she touched the wooden Rudolph’s red felt nose and said, “That’s red.”  🙂

When I put Jujubee to bed, she reminded me that the Christmas tree would still be there tomorrow and that she would see it again tomorrow.  She asked me if she could sleep with her Santa hat on her head, as we were wearing them while we decorated.  I told her she could.  When I checked on her half an hour later, she was (finally!) sound asleep with her Santa hat still on her head.

I have a feeling she’s really going to enjoy Christmas this year.  🙂