conversations with a three year old

Jujubee,said the following to herself last Saturday as she surveyed the macaroni and cheese on her lunch plate: “I’m a California girl, and California girls eat their food.  California girls eat their macaroni and cheese.” And then she took a bite.


Me: Jujubee, you’re a chatterbox today!

Jujubee: No, I not a chatterbox, I’m a Big Girl!

M: Are you Jujubee, or are you a Big Girl?

J: I’m Jujubee.  I’m a Big Girl!


Jujubee (while sitting on my lap): Momma, you have beautiful hair.

Me: Your hair is beautiful, too.

J (picking up a handful of my hair and holding it next to a handful of her hair): We have BROWN hair!

M: Yes, we both have brown hair.  But Jujubee’s hair is curly, like Daddy’s hair.

J: Momma, your hair is not curly?

M: No, Momma’s hair is wavy.  And Lyd’s hair is wavy.  But Jujubee’s hair is curly, and Daddy’s hair is curly.

J: Momma’s hair is wavy.  Momma’s hair has the ocean!  Momma has ocean hair.


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