An unpleasant reality of life in northern California is that most people get ants in their houses during the rainy season.  It seems to happen to most people to a greater or lesser degree.  The last few years have been more on the “lesser degree” side, but so far, this rainy season seems to have swung over to the “greater degree” side.

The ants first showed up about a month ago in our downstairs entryway, and they were climbing the inside wall and coming into the master bathroom.  Why? I  have no idea.  But, then, last week I noticed a few in my kitchen, near my dishwasher.  Over the next few days, it’s gotten to be more and more in my kitchen, around the sink.  In the last 24 hours, they’ve started to go nuts in my kitchen, and with the big storm we had here last night, they are just going crazy around my sink.

Last night before going to bed, JJ brought out the Terro ant traps and spread them around.  They work, but it takes about 48 hours for the chemicals to start killing off the ants or at least make them drunk-like.  So, I have to get through tomorrow yet before things will begin to settle down in my kitchen.

Luckily, I didn’t have to cook much at all today.  The only thing I actually cooked was scrambled eggs for breakfast.  We had leftover hot turkey sandwiches for lunch, and for supper we were invited to a friend’s place, and he grilled out for supper.  (Sorry, you Midwesterners. ;))  I told him more than once how grateful I was for the supper invite, especially considering the state my kitchen is currently in.

The ants seem to get worse in the day before we have rainy weather.  We’re supposed to have rainy weather all week, so I’m expecting to be battling ants for a while.  But, hopefully we can get the best of them, and they’ll get out of my kitchen so I can cook my Christmas food in peace! 🙂