happy birthday craziness

So, I had a number of unusual things happen to me this morning, which happened to be my birthday.  They were so unusual that I decided to do an impromptu contest on Facebook.  Here’s what I said:

EMILY IS THROWING A CONTEST FOR HER BIRTHDAY! Winners will receive a free gift in the mail. Contest ends at 8pm CT, 6pm PT. Have fun!

Guess which of these four things did NOT happen to me this morning?

A) Emily woke up to 1/4 inch of water on her kitchen floor
B) Emily woke up to a sore throat
C) Emily discovered that she left her car’s headlights on last night and now has a dead battery
D) Emily received a birthday gift of nine boxes of chocolate
So, which item was NOT correct?
Sadly, “A” was correct, although not quite accurate on my part.  An astute handyman-ish friend noted to me on Facebook, “1/4″ is a LOT of water. If you had that much water in your kitchen, the whole rest of the house would pretty much have to be flooded, as well. Now, maybe 1/8″ is possible . . . ;-)”  So, yes, the water level was more like 1/8″, although it would probably be most precise to say that I had a layer of water over most of my kitchen floor.  I was wearing my slippers when I walked into my kitchen, and I immediately noticed that my slippers weren’t “slipping” on the floor like they usually did.  JJ and I suspect the water was leaking from our dishwasher, although we don’t know why.  I ran the dishwasher again today, and now it seems to be fine.  Hopefully it will stay that way!
Unfortunately, “B” was also correct.  I woke up with a very swollen gland on the left side of my neck, which made swallowing difficult.  I took an Echinacea capsule regularly every 2-3 hours today, and while I can definitely tell that my body is fighting something, it seems to be doing okay.  I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight.
It turns out the correct answer was “C.”  The girls and I drove around last night to look at Christmas lights, but I did NOT leave the lights and our car works just fine.
Oddly, “D” was also correct.  After not giving me a birthday gift for as long as I’ve been their daughter-in-law, this year my in-laws sent me a huge box with nine, yes N-I-N-E boxes of various kinds of chocolate.  Um, okay.  I vaguely remember mentioning at their home last summer that I like chocolates.  Apparently, they took that idea and ran with it.  And, knowing them, this gift may be in store for me every year!  🙂
So, with all of those chocolates on my mind, I had the idea to create this contest today on Facebook, and to make the prize be a box of chocolates!  Well, two people guessed correctly, so they’ll get boxes of chocolate.  I also decided to send one to my astute handyman-ish friend, as well as the other friends who also choose “A.”  We plan to mail those boxes of chocolates with those friends’ Christmas cards.
This goofy contest made for some extra fun on my birthday.  Although I was initially shocked by the boxes of chocolate, it ended up being hilarious.  Now I’m so glad my in-laws sent me all those boxes of chocolate! 🙂
All in all, despite the rough start to the day, I had a very nice birthday.  The weather certainly cooperated; after being gray and/or rainy for weeks, the sun completely came out today.  It was beautiful outside, and my girls were able to play outdoors with a friend for a good two hours.  In the evening, JJ and the girls and I went out to eat at one of my favorite little Italian restaurants in Redwood City, where I had fetuccini in cream sauce with rock shrimp, bay scallops, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil.  For dessert, the four of us split two creme brulees; the girls had never had that dessert before, and both of them opened their eyes wide in delight when they took their first bite.  🙂  After supper, we drove over to San Carlos where there is a street that is full, FULL, of houses with decorated lights.  We parked two blocks away and joined the throngs of people walking up and down the street.  The girls had a marvelous time, and it really was neat to see those decorated houses.  One home had actually trucked in real snow from somewhere, had gotten a few round sledding saucers, and were giving kids free rides down the short slope.  Other houses had heat lamps and/or wood-burning stoves out in their driveway, and people were having parties.  It was really crazy and fun.
Even without counting my boxes of chocolate, I got more than usual amount of gifts and cards and emails this year, which was also nice.  Despite the crazy start to the day, it really did end up being a lovely birthday.
On to the next year of my life!  Here’s hoping it’s a good one!