a quiet Christmas at home

This year, for the first time in ten Christmas in northern CA, it was just JJ, me, and our two daughters for Christmas.  In years past, I have struggled with melancholy and homesickness during the Christmas holidays, as I remembered Christmases past surrounded by my parents and brothers and extended family.  But, this year we already knew by last summer that we would be here for the holidays.  As time got closer, we realized that all of the people we have typically invited to our home to share the Christmas holiday with us were going to be out of town.  So, we decided to simply have a quiet Christmas at home, with just the four of us.

Well, technically, we did have one guest — on Christmas Eve.  Our Kindergarten teacher was flying back to the midwest to visit her family, but her flight didn’t leave until early afternoon on Christmas Day, so I invited her to spend Christmas Eve with us.  She joined the girls and I for supper before church (JJ never eats before a service), and she joined us after church to open a few presents.  After the girls were put to bed, the three of us talked and laughed and nibbled on munchies until midnight.

But today, Christmas Day, we had nobody come over.  Not a soul.  And it was lovely.  I wasn’t melancholic or homesick at all.  California is home now.  I can honestly and truly say that I was happy to be here, in our house, with my husband and our two girls.  We listened to Bach’s Christmas Oratorio all day, and we opened presents throughout the day in batches.  I decorated our table up with Christmas dishes and festive napkins, and I cooked a Christmas dinner that was on the simple side, but was fine for us.  We weren’t lonesome at all.

Being home for Christmas was especially nice since I came down with a cold on my birthday.  It’s not been too bad, as far as colds go, but I’m still rather sneezy and sniffly, so I was glad to be in familiar surroundings.  Yesterday Lyd felt rather sick, too, but today she felt better.  So far, JJ and Jujubee haven’t gotten anything; fingers crossed that they avoid this germ.  Plus, with Christmas Day falling on a Saturday, there’s been extra work for my pastor-husband, and he’s been pretty tired.  He was glad to not have any company come over today.

Would it have been nice to be around more family?  Sure.  But that wasn’t an option this year, and I can honestly say that I was fine with that.  It was good to be here at home in California.  It was windy and rainy and gray all day, too, so it was nice to be in our warm and dry house.  The girls and I all took afternoon naps; it was lovely.

We were home for Christmas, and for the first time in ten Christmases in California, I had no desire to be anywhere else.  It was a wonderful day.


One thought on “a quiet Christmas at home

  1. Merry Christmas! It’s good to know California can feel like home. This year my in-laws came down, which is good since they are amazingly helpful and I have been sick with a nasty cold and morning sickness.

    I hope someday California will feel like home for us. I still feel a little like a stranger in a strange land. But I know God called us here, and this is where He wants us.

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