new year’s resolutions

A new year is always like a brand new slate.  Or, as Anne of Green Gables would say, “Each day [or year?] is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.”  Putting up new calendars and changing to a new year always inspires me to start over again at trying to do the things I feel I should be doing, and this year has been no different.  So, here are my resolutions for the new year:

  1. Somehow in high school and into college, I got into the habit of using the word “like” as an adjective.  For example, “That’s so, like, uneducated.”  Now, it’s one thing for me to talk that way, but Lyd has most definitely picked up on this, and she frequently uses the word “like” in this manner.  I know that she learned this from me, because my husband does not talk that way, so my goal for the new year is to remove the incorrect usage of the word “like” from my spoken vocabulary.
  2. Rather than focusing on always being right, I want to focus more on being loving.  That will be an entire blog post in itself.
  3. With all of my previous expectations for certain things would happen in my life now behind me, I have decided to try and have no expectations for what the new year will bring.  This, not surprisingly, refers to me having another baby, but it also refers to a bunch of other things which I won’t go into on my blog.  But my goal is to just live in the moment, without letting the “what if’s” carry me away.  In liberal San Francisco terms, I need to be Zen.  In Biblical terms, I need to be still and know that God is God, and let him steer the ship.

Those are my big lifestyle resolutions.  I am recommiting myself to other, more mundane, resolutions, such as renewing my efforts to:

  • stay on top of receipts
  • get to bed on time
  • keep the house clean
  • make weekly meal plans

I used to be good at making weekly meal plans, but I completely fell off the wagon with that this past fall.  We always ate, and we almost always ate healthy, but due to my lack of planning, we usually ate late, at least after 6:30 and sometimes closer to 7:00 p.m.  JJ has very firmly decided that he wants to return to eating wheat-free in the new year, and that definitely requires more planning on my part.  But, it can be done, we’ve done it before, and it’s a good reason for me to get back into the routine of making weekly meal plans.

Like every year, I’m sure these resolutions won’t last forever, but I believe that it’s the trying that counts.  Here’s hoping I make great progress on my resolutions!