all that doesn’t irritate my ears is gold

(Although all that glitters is not gold.  Ha ha. :))

This Christmas, I asked for jewelry.  This is not because I’m some big high fashion gal who just wants lots of bling.  On the contrary, I am eagerly anticipating the day when the wearing of gaudy, flashy jewelry goes out of style.

No, no.  Instead, I asked for jewelry because I needed it.  Yes, truly, I needed it.

Alright, well, technically, no one NEEDS jewelry.  But, let me explain.  You’ll see what I mean…

Back in my teenage years I used to wear the kinds of earrings that girls in the late ’80s and early ’90s usually wore, made of cheap metals and cheaper plastic.  The earrings never bothered my ears.  But at some point in college (I believe it was my sophomore year), my ears started to react very strongly.  They became more and more sore, and no matter how often I washed them or cleaned out my earrings, they got more and more painful and oozed pus.  (It probably explains why no one asked me out that year in college.  But that’s another story altogether…)

After a few months of this, in desperation I went to the campus doctor.  She strongly recommended that I let my holes close up, but I didn’t want to do that!  I pleaded with her for another option.  So, she suggested that I get some solid gold earrings, and try wearing those in my ear.  She didn’t know if it would work, but she thought it might be worth a try.  So, I coughed up the money and bought a few simple pairs of gold-plated earrings, consisting of simple balls and hoops.  Lo and behold, my ears healed!  They got better!  Hooray!

(I later learned that my now-sainted aunt had the exact same problems with her ears, and she also could only wear real gold earrings.  It kind of made sense; my body was like hers in practically every other way!)

So, ever since that time, I have mainly worn gold earrings.  I have some fancy non-gold pairs that I wear on special occasions, including the pair that I wore on my wedding day.  My wedding earrings were a gift from my husband, and they had a big pearl surrounded by small diamonds.  You can bet I wore THAT pair on my wedding day!  🙂  I don’t remember my ears bothering me at all on my wedding day, but on every other occasion where I wear non-gold earrings for a few hours, my ears inevitably start to itch and I’m always relieved to take my earrings out.

My pair of gold hoop earrings that I bought in college became my main pair of earrings, and they served me well for over ten years.  But, sadly, in the past few months, they were making my ears itch, too.  I took a good look at the earrings one day, and saw that the gold plating on the part of the earring that goes in my ear was completely silver.  The gold plating had completely worn away over the past ten years.


So, I now had practically no pair of earrings I could wear!  This time I knew what the problem was, and I manged the best I could with my other earrings, but my ears were really starting to irritate me quite a bit.  So, for Christmas, I asked JJ for some new, simple gold earrings.  He and Lyd went shopping and found some beautiful new pairs of gold-plated earrings for me.  They’re lovely!  Then on the day after Christmas, I got to go shopping all by myself (bliss!), and I hit some good after-Christmas sales.  I found some solid gold balls in both yellow gold and white gold.  Gold isn’t cheap these days (!!!) even when it’s on after-Christmas sale, but the investment has been worth it.

My ears are feeling MUCH better these days.  Most days my earlobes don’t look very fancy, but I now have some comfortable fancy earrings for special occasions.

Some days I feel like an expensive wife, but JJ says I’m cute, so I guess that makes up for it.  🙂

(And if anyone knows where I can find a pair of not-too-large plain gold hoop earrings, let me know!  I’ve been actively looking for a pair, and I can’t find one!)


One thought on “all that doesn’t irritate my ears is gold

  1. Hey girl – don’t go out and buy any! I will send you a pair of mine that I no longer wear. They are about the same diameter of my wedding ring, and they sound like what you are looking for.

    For future reference, you can look in department stores for the brand Jody Coyote. I’ve seen them sold at Macy’s, for instance. Those usually run about $20-$30. 🙂

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