love and care

I got a new office chair from my hubby for Christmas.  Hopefully that will take care of the majority of my arm troubles.

The girls love the office chair.  Since it’s on wheels, they love to move it all around the family room.  They especially love to move it to the middle of the family/toy room and spin each other around on it.

This evening, as I was putting the finishing touches on supper (pasta w/ sausage and broccoli, in case you were wondering), I heard a THUD and a wail of pain from Jujubee.  Oh, no!  JJ was there first and did the initial comforting.  Then a still-sobbing Jujubee came into the kitchen to find me.  I offered her my arms, and she gratefully snuggled close to me.  “Is there anything I can do?” I asked her.  “Or do you just want me to hold my arms around you?”

“Just hold your arms around you,” she sobbed.  ( 🙂 )

As Jujubee’s sobs began to subside, Lyd entered the kitchen with tears streaming from her eyes as well.  “What’s wrong with you?” I asked.

Lyd sobbed out, “I only pushed the chair one time, and I didn’t know she was going to fall off.  I didn’t mean to hurt her.  She wanted me to push her around!”

I assured Lyd that it was an accident, but I said she should still apologize to her sister because that was the polite thing to do and it would make her (Lyd) feel better.  I suggested that she get down on her knees so that she would be at Jujubee’s eye level and to make sure to look her sister in the eye.  Lyd did that, sobbing to her sister, “I’m sorry.”  Jujubee responded by repeating, “I’m sorry,” which she often does when Lyd apologizes to her.  So I said to Jujubee, “Actually, you say ‘I forgive you,'” which she then said.

By this time, Jujubee had stopped crying, but Lyd’s tears were still going strong.  Jujubee used her hand to wipe the tears off of Lyd’s face.  So sweet!  I suggested to Jujubee that she use a tissue instead, so she went and got one, came back to Lyd, and started to wip the tears off of Lyd’s face with the tissue.

This made Lyd laugh a little bit, and with a smile she said, “Stop that!  It tickles!”

So I said to her, “Say, ‘Thank you, but I’d rather do that myself.’  Why don’t you girls give each other another hug and go back to the toy room to play a bit more.”

They did, and everything was okay after that.  The girls happily played together again.  Jujubee told me shortly afterwards, “My head is all better now.”

I love my girls.  I love how much they care about each other, I love how good of friends they are learning to be, I love how I can tell that they’re better friends with their peers because of they relationship they have with each other.  They make each other happy, and they make me happy, too.

Our family is blessed.