Packer fever

To put it mildly, my husband is a fan of the Green Bay Packers.  He and his father own season tickets, and despite the distance, my husband usually manages to attend about 3 games a season.  He owns enough Packer clothing to be able to wear some kind of Packer clothes every day of the week, if he wanted.  We have a wall of our family room that is devoted to Packer things: a framed picture of Lambeau Field, a framed picture of his share of Packer stock, a framed picture of him and me at a game, a handmade wooden Packer wall hanging, and a Packer banner.

He loves the Packers.  He LOOOVES the Packers.

I … well, I don’t mind the Packers.  It’s not that I do NOT like the Packers, I just don’t share the same level of intensity that he has about all things Packers.  I term myself “Packer Sympathetic.”  I will go with my husband to a game once a year (provided that there will not be freezing cold weather), and I own a number of Packer shirts, a sweatshirt, and even a pair of Packer socks, but that’s more because my husband wanted me to have them.  But, to me the Packers – like all good things – are best in moderation.

Last Saturday, for the first time all season, I watched an entire Packer game.  And what a game to watch!  I did not have high hopes for the Pack going into the game, and when the Falcons quickly scored their first two touchdowns on Green Bay’s errors, I thought it was all over.  But, I was wrong.  It turned out to be a blowout of Atlanta, which made it a pretty fun game to watch.  My husband, of course, was over the moon with joy over the Packer’s victory.

Now that the Pack is one game away from the Superbowl, I have to confess that I’m getting a little bit of “Packer Fever.”  I even changed my Facebook profile picture to a picture of Aaron Rodgers, the Packers’ quarterback.  My husband found the picture online and emailed it to me.  He did this even though he’s been teasing a friend and me about our admiration of Rodger’s good looks!  😉  (Aaron Rodgers really IS good-looking, isn’t he?  Did you notice his dimples when he smiles?  What a cutie!)

Speaking of Packers and Facebook, a friend of mine had linked to an article in the Milwaukee paper about the Packers, and while I was on that website I found this article about how closely-knit the Packers’ receivers are.  It was a heartwarming article, and I have to confess, it made me really hope that the Packers go all the way.  I’d like Donald Driver, who has overcome so much in his lifetime and has given back so much to others, to finally get the chance to have a Superbowl ring.

I got to know a little more about Donald Driver when JJ gave the girls this book: Quickie Makes the Team.  It’s a somewhat autobiographical children’s book about Donald Driver’s growing up years, and it’s a sweet little book.  A portion of the book’s proceeds go to Driver’s children’s foundation which he started.  Donald Driver is 36 years old now, has been a Packer for his entire career, and I’m really hoping that he gets his chance in a few weeks.

So, for the next week, I’m a little more of a Packer fan that usual.  Here’s hoping the Packers go all the way!


By the way, my husband told me this funny knock-knock joke today:

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Brett who?