freezer fun

I have had a goal in the back of my mind for many months now.  The goal is to eat up the majority of the food I have in my freezer.  Well, actually the food in my 3 freezers.  I have the standard refrigerator and freezer in my kitchen, however there’s also a fridge in the cottage where my husband’s office is located.  The communion wine is kept in that fridge, but that’s all it’s used for, so I use the freezer space for our food.  Furthermore, there are two fridges in the church kitchen, one for church use and one for school use, and since the church freezer only gets used once in a great while, I use that freezer, too.

However, the problem is that I’ve built up quite a freezer stash of food, and it’s easy to lose track of what I have.  So, today I took inventory of what was in all three freezers.  And, wow, our family has been blessed with plenty of food!  It’s going to make my goal of making weekly meal plans quite a bit easier, as I now know what I have and need to use up.  For example: Continue reading