Go Pack Go!

I couldn’t help it.  Since the Packers are going to the Superbowl, I had to change my header picture to something more … appropriate.  I definitely have Packer fever.

Our family had a fun time watching the game this afternoon.  M & A, the two members of our church who are as die-hard of Packer fans as my husband is, watched the game at our house after church, as they have done pretty much all season.  My husband wore his Aaron Rodgers jersey, our girls wore their Packer cheerleader outfits (although they wore them without the turtleneck underneath.  We’re having almost-record-setting heat here lately, so the weather has been unseasonably beautiful for mid-January.  Sorry to all you Midwesterners who are shivering under your record-setting cold snap.)  I wore my Aaron Rodgers shirt, socks, and hair scrunchie.  It was very green-and-gold at our house!

For lunch, we grilled brats outside, I had made Best in the West beans the night before along with some jello with raspberries from my freezer, so we ate true tailgating food today for the game.  I even found some green and yellow football-themed paper plates and napkins in a cupboard that I had bought a few years ago, so we ate our game snacks of chips salsa and pretzels and potato chips on those.  For our actual lunch, I found some plastic Packer plates in my cupboard.  I honestly don’t know when we would have bought them, but they had never been used, and I thought today was the perfect day to bring them out.  So, we had a very green-and-gold afternoon.  It was kind of dorky, but it was a lot of fun.

The game got a little tense at the end, but the Packers pulled off a victory with a last-minute interception.  And there was MUCH rejoicing!  Because the weather was SO nice outside, the two girls could go outside and play thereby not bothering the adults who were avidly watching the game on the TV in the toy room.  That made for a pleasant viewing experience for everyone.

Now that the Packers have come so far, I can’t help but really, really hope that they win the Superbowl.  And Aaron Rodgers, with his smile and dimples and all, will continue to be my Facebook profile picture for the next few weeks.

Go Pack Go!