wheat-free cooking

My husband’s New Year’s Resolution was to eat wheat-free.  He doesn’t plan to eat wheat-free forever, but he does plan to do it for a while.

So, being the compliant wife that I am (snicker, har har :)), I agreed to cook wheat-free for my husband.  All in all, I have to say, I’m not doing too badly.  JJ has talked off and on for quite some time about going wheat-free again, so I’d been keeping my eyes open for wheat-free recipes for a while.  The first time he did this wheat-free thing 4+ years ago, it was a huge change in my cooking.  But this time?  Not so much.

At the beginning of January, I bought an ultra-cheap 2 year planner from Walgreen’s.  I keep it in a kitchen drawer, and each night I write down what I made for supper on the day’s date.  I started doing that a few years ago when I was getting into a rut with my cooking.  By writing down what I made each night (not what I planned to make but what I actually made) I could see that I wasn’t in such a rut as I thought I was, and when I made a new recipe that turned out well, I more easily remembered what it was.

Here’s what I’ve cooked so far for our wheat-free meals:

  • sirloin tips w/ mushrooms over brown rice penne pasta
  • hearty ham casserole (used arrowroot flour)
  • honey mustard chicken with roasted new potatoes
  • turkey soup w/ rice
  • pizza (used gluten-free pizza crust)
  • baked salmon w/ brown basmati rice & veggies
  • pot roast
  • pasta w/sausage & broccoli (used brown rice fusilli noodles)
  • honey pork & carrots (didn’t follow recipe exactly, but who does?)
  • spaghetti (used brown rice spaghetti noodles)
  • pasta primavera (used brown rice fusilli noodles)
  • 13-bean soup w/ cornbread (used wheat-free flour)
  • tacos (used corn tortillas)
  • lasagna (used brown rice noodles)

So, the wheat-free thing is going pretty well.  The only real problem is that I have a lot of regular noodles in the house right now, and just like I am trying to use up the contents of my freezer, I’d like to use up more of my noodle stash, too.  So, when I made spaghetti, I actually made it half and half and was able to use up more of my regular noodles; I cooked up 8 ounces of brown rice noodles for JJ, and and another pot I cooked up 8 ounces of regular noodles for the girls and I.  I put the noodles on the table in two different bowls, but we all used the same spaghetti sauce.  It worked out great.

My hubby is happy with the results he’s getting from eating wheat free, and I’m finding it’s not too difficult for cooking.  So, this wheat-free cooking thing is going well!