odds and ends

God is very good to me, even when I don’t deserve it.  We live on a tall hill, and a main road goes right by our house.  We often drive down that main road, which is at least a 6% grade downhill.  The speed limit is 40 mph, but it’s easy to speed down the hill.  Police cars sometimes sit on a road close to the bottom of the hill, waiting to catch speeders.  I have never gotten a speeding ticket, but there are times when I should have.  There have also been other times when God has been very kind to me, and has put a car in front of me that was driving the speed limit, which forced me to drive the speed limit too, and while I chafed at going slower, I was apologetic to God and thankful once I saw the squad car waiting at the bottom of the hill.  God has been good to me in this department.  Although, I think I should make an effort to drive more slowly; California is broke, so many cities are short on cash, and my town is one of them.  In order to make some extra money, police cars are trying to catch more speeders, and I have noticed more squad cars around.  Tonight I found out that a fellow driver who lives in the area got caught making a rolling stop – not even speeding! – and got a $480 fine!  Wow!  I think I’ll make extra careful to drive the speed limit.


Our church’s school is very small; we have only twelve students this year in K4- grade 5.  We’re trying to do better at promoting and advertising our school, and one of our ideas is to personally visit as many preschools and daycares in our area, and give those places brocheures about our school that they can give to parents or at least display.  So far, every place has been willing to take the brocheures about our school.  However, I stopped at one place today where the director of the preschool was openly suspicious about the fact that we had a four year old Kindergarten program, and she refused to take any information.  I stuck with it, explained more about our school, listened to her talk (a lot!), and finally found a place in her discussion about the education world where we found common ground.  In the end, she took a batch of brocheures, too.  I was very proud of myself for having the hutzpah to politely “sell” my school to a stranger.  I’m still proud of myself.


Jujubee came down with bronchiolitis (do you still call it that when the kid is three years old?) this weekend.  As always, it came on really fast and was scary.  Poor Jujubee was wheezing and gasping so hard for breath that I had no choice but to give her a breathing treatment via our nebulizer.  However, I also started her on the homeopathic remedy that works well for her when she’s like this: Ipecacuanha 30C.  And, ever since that first day, she hasn’t needed another breathing treatment.  Woo-hoo!  Hooray for homeopathy!


Tonight I picked up the book The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family by Karyn Purvis.  It’s recommended reading by the Reese’s Rainbow website.  I don’t know what the future holds for us in the area of adoption, but I figured that reading the book couldn’t hurt.  If nothing else, it will give me more sympathy and understanding for what adoptive families experience.  Plus, it takes my mind off of getting pregnant.  I hear that’s a good thing to do when you’re trying to get pregnant.  Whatever works!


On our home computer, my husband has our screen-saver set so that chosen pictures flash randomly onto the screen for ten seconds or so.  Every so often, a picture of my sainted grandmother or sainted aunt flash up.  I like when those pictures pop up.  Today, for some reason, I was missing my Grandma Violet.  I wished I could have given her a phone call this afternoon.  I look forward to talking to her one day in heaven.  Who knows?  With all the wars and rumors of wars and uprisings and natural disasters and huge storms that are happening in the world today, maybe the Last Day is not too far off!  Come quickly, Jesus, and as the hymn says:

Let my near and dear ones be
Safe with you eternally.
Oh, bring me and all I love
To your happy home above.