I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying watching my Jujubee grow up.  She is growing up so beautifully, inside and out, that I can hardly lament the fact that she’s not my baby anymore; I wouldn’t want her to stay a baby, not when she’s turning into such a lovely young lady.

This past week, she found herself in three unusual situations, and in each of them she just shone.  She is an amazing little girl, and I am so incredibly proud of her.

I am amazed at how she handles new situations and new people and unfamiliar places with ease and calmness.  Changes in plans really don’t throw her, and she enthusiasticly meets whatever new situations come her way.  She’s patient and kind with friends older then her, younger than her, and her own age.  She’s even very forgiving of her sister, and those two girls remain best friends.

And she is unbelievably cheerful all of the time.  Seriously, it’s … unbelievable.  She is truly a Joy to have around the house.

I’m truly not trying to brag.  It’s just that somedays I truly can’t believe that this amazing little girl is ours.  I don’t know what our family did to deserve a little girl like this.

In a recent music class, she behaved as if she were a poster child for Music Together.  She participated, sang along, followed my instructions to the group, and heeded my whispered answers to her whispered questions.  And during the lullaby, she almost embarrased me with her good behavior: During the lullaby at the end of class, she always comes and lays down by me, and I rub her back, sometimes her whole body, as I sing.  One little girl in class, who is about two years old, happens to be absolutely fascinated by Jujubee.  So, as J was lying on the floor by me during the lullaby and I was rubbing her back, this other little girl came over and started rubbing J’s head and fingering her long hair.  Jujubee didn’t realize at first what was going on, but eventually she figured it out that Someone Else was touching her.  She looked up at me quizzically, and I whispered to her something along the lines of “be patient” or “it’s okay,” and wouldn’t you know it, Jujubee stayed calm and still.  The other parents in the circle just couldn’t believe that Jujubee was tolerating this overt attention so well, and frankly, I couldn’t believe it either!  What a girl!  After class, I told her a number of times what a big girl she was and how proud I was of her.

She has an amazing memory, and she has a long memory for what people say and certain things that have happened.  She also has a wonderful ability to entertain herself.  She can amuse herself on her own for long stretches of time, over an hour.  She sings to herself, plays with blocks/dolls/rides her tricycle (she finally figured out how to pedal a bike!)/looks at books, and is perfectly happy on her own.  Yet, she loves to play with other kids, and when the opportunity came up today for her to have a friend her age over for a playdate, the two girls played well together for two hours straight.

And, oh my, is Jujubee pretty.  She is so lovely!  Just like her big sister does, she too gets prettier and prettier the older she gets.

She’s beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside.  Our family is so incredibly blessed.