blogging second fiddle

(I’m writing this while listening to Esperanza Spalding songs on YouTube.  Apparently she suprised everyone by winning the Grammy for Best New Artist, beating out the likes of Justin Bieber.  I had never heard of Esperanza Spalding before tonight, and now that I’m listening to her, I’m very impressed!  She’s a real musician!  I watched a bit of the Grammys tonight and was not impressed with the likes of Justin Bieber and most of the rest of the so-called “musicians.”  In all seriousness, I could have written the song Bieber sang!  It had no musicality whatsoever!  Anyway, Esperanza Spalding is a 24 year old bass guitar player and jazz singer whose songs have complex and musically interesting chord progressions – very nice.)

My unofficial goal for 2011 in regards to this blog has been to have a new post up every weekday, and to take the weekends off.  I’d like to have a wide variety of topics from silly to serious to spiritual, and I’m trying not to let my posts get too wordy.  It’s not an unattainable goal, but it’s a difficult goal nonetheless.

I find that many of my posting ideas never make it to paper, let alone to the computer.  I console myself, saying that the good ideas will resurface, and the lousy ideas will mercifully fade away.  And then there are times when I stare at the computer screen, not sure what to write, at least what to write that can/should be publicly read!

Sigh.  It’s mid-February, and I still have SO many things to do.  I was hoping to have our taxes finished and off to our accountant by the end of January.  We have an appointment with him on March 1, and I still am not finished with our taxes!  Being self-employed is the pits sometimes.  It takes SO much more work to keep on top of things like taxes than it does for other people.  Doing taxes in an evening like many of my friends can do is just not a possibility.  That project needs to kick into high gear soon.

But it won’t happen tomorrow.  Other things have cropped up, things that absolutely must be done for someone else tomorrow, as well as an appointment to do something I’ve put off for far too long as it is.  It will be a useful day, but not useful in the tangible sense.

So, once again, my blog will have to play second fiddle to the rest of my life.  But I guess that’s how it really should be, right?

However, if you’re looking for a new blog to read, a Facebook friend of mine from high school (who is also a Lutheran pastor’s wife) has started her own blog, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind a bit of traffic. 🙂  Check out her cooking-themed blog at: The Magic Apron.  Enjoy!