sleeping arrangement difficulties

About a month ago, my two girls began sharing a double bed at night.  Initially this new sleeping arrangement was a huge hit.  Both girls were uber-excited to be sharing a bed All Night Long!  As time has gone on, however, we’ve discovered some problems with this arrangement.

One problem is that Lyd falls asleep faster than Jujubee does, and Jujubee takes a little longer to settle down to sleep.  So, I often get complaints from Lyd that her sister is keeping her awake by talking to her/touching her/hitting her on the head/etc.  I don’t honestly think this is as big of a deal as Lyd makes it out to be, but it is definitely a big deal to Lyd.

Another problem is that Lyd hogs all the covers at night.  Jujubee typically uses less covers than Lyd, so that seems like it would work well, but it happens far too regularly that at around 5:30 in the morning, I will hear Jujubee crying.  I go in and find her sleeping completely uncovered — and she’s cold.  It seems that by 5:30am, the coldness resulting from the fact that she has no covers on finally wakes her up, and once she’s awake, she needs to find her nukker (pacifier) to be able to go back to sleep.  So, I have to find her nuk, make sure she has her blankie (which often has migrated to a different part of the bed), and readjust all the covers so that Jujubee can get warm.  Often she has to go potty, too.  So, it’s a bit of an early-morning ordeal.  Lyd sometimes wakes up, too, and if that happens, then she’s really grumpy come morning.

The other problem with them sleeping together (although it’s a “problem” for me, not the girls) is that they wake up in the morning and start talking right away, laughing, bouncing on the bed, and all of that noise wakes me up, too.  I don’t care if they talk and have a good time, it’s just that *I* don’t want to get woken up, too.  Part of the problem is that we sleep with all of the bedroom doors open.  I do need to be able to hear Jujubee if/when she wakes up at night, and our house doesn’t heat evenly, so we need to leave the doors open so that the rooms heat as evenly as possible.

Tonight we’re trying separate beds.  Jujubee is back in her old bedroom in the twin bed, and Lyd is sleeping in the double bed.  Both girls seemed content enough with the arrangment at bedtime tonight, even though they enjoy sleeping together.  I think Jujubee was pacified by the fact that she’s still in a big bed.

Hopefully, everyone will sleep much better tonight.