The Call

I’ve been getting an unusually high number of hits on my blog this week, and I think I know why.  Many people have heard that my husband has a call, and they’re interested in what I have to say about it.

Except I haven’t quite known what to say.  I mean, there’s so much I could say, but yet there’s also so little I can say.  When I first considered writing about his new call on my blog, I couldn’t even put thoughts into words adaquately enough to put together a post.  But after having a little while to process it, ruminate over it, and, yes, freak out a bit, I’m feeling more settled and able to post.  So, here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for:

This new call my husband received last Sunday exactly fits his gifts and abilities.  Exactly.  He has been called to be the pastor in charge of Worship & Music, as well as Adult Discipleship/Education (aka. Bible classes).  This would be right up his alley.

The call is to a congregation only two hours away.  We would still be living in northern California.  We very much enjoy living in northern California.  The climate there would be quite similar to here, except it would be a lot warmer in the summer and less damp overall.  The cold and damp of living here in Belmont have always bothered me, and it’s (arguably) negatively impacted my health, and perhaps Jujubee’s health, too.  Although, it’s pretty neat to live barely six miles from the ocean.  🙂  It’s great to be able to hop in the car and go to the beach on Sunday afternoon after church!  And it’s also neat to live near such a famous part of the world.  It’s not too long of a drive up to San Francisco, and spending an afternoon at Crissy Field is the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge makes a person feel awfully cosmopolitan.

I love our church here.  I love the people in it.  I love their generous hearts and kind spirits.  I love how everyone has accepted me and loved me, quirks and all.  This congregation also loves my husband.  They have supported him whole-heartedly over the past ten years.  People are unfailingly kind and generous to us.  I know I said that already, but it bears repeating.  This congregation is just wonderful.  We will be missed if we leave.  We will miss much about this church, too, if we leave.

I love the scenic view from our home.  I love the view from anywhere on our campus!  We will probably never live in another place as scenic as this.

My husband and I already know the pastors at the calling congregation.  We’ve been to that church a number of times for various reasons over the past ten years.  It’s a lovely church.  It has a pipe organ.  My husband is an organist.  It has a choir.  My husband loves directing choirs.  He would be the choir director at this church.  He would be one of three pastors.  He would not have to run the whole church by himself.

We would have to buy a house.  The church would help us with this.  There are a lot, a LOT of homes for sale in this area.  The housing market crash hit this area very hard.  Therefore, housing prices are extremely reasonable there, pretty much comparable to prices in the Midwest.  Houses in the SF Bay Area still cost $800,000 or more for a standard 3-bedroom house.  But in the new area, there are many foreclosed homes and short sale homes (homes being sold for quite a bit less than they were purchased for, so the banks have to take a loss on them.)  We would buy a house.  We would not have to live on campus.  We could choose where to live.

We would leave our huge house here.  I highly doubt we will ever live in a house this big ever again.  (For those of you who have never been here, our living room alone measures 18’x28′.  That’s 18 feet by 28 feet.  Before the church sanctuary was built, services were held in the living room.  It’s a great place to hold parties and for my girls to dance.)  Of course, a smaller house will be easier to keep clean!  Lyd loves this house, and has said so many times off and on since JJ declined his last call back in May, back when she first realized that we might not live in this house forever.  We would also leave Lyd’s best friend, as well as many of my close friends, too.  However, we would only be two hours away from all of these friends; the possibility for seeing them again would definitely be there.  If JJ had taken the call back to Wisconsin last spring, we would likely have never seen those friends again.

If my husband takes this call, we would have to move.  That thought is still terrifying to me.  However, we would only be moving two hours away; it would not be a cross-country move.  That seems a little less scary.  (Our new Kindergarten teacher moved cross-country last summer to come to our congregation.  She did not have a very good experience with her moving company.  However, there’s actually a member of this calling church that owns a moving company, so they would handle our move for us.  That means they would probably handle our stuff with more than average care.)  But still.  Packing up our stuff — the thought of it is a bit overwhelming.

If my husband accepts this call, we would not move until June.  My husband IS the principal, and he needs to finish out the school year.  Plus, I have teaching commitments, and my boss is counting on me.  Schedules and plans have been made, and I simply can’t back out of them now.  So, if he were to take the call, we would have more-than-the-average amount of time to prepare for the move.  I always work better when I have a deadline.

So, there it is.

At least now I don’t have to wonder anymore.  I am very, very grateful for that.