distracting myself

Well, apparently everyone wants to read a person’s whining about being infertile: I got more hits on my “desperate prayer” post than anything else I’ve written in a long time.  Except for my “boobs” post.  😉  That was pretty popular.  Of course, it helped that I sent the link to that post to practically everyone I knew on Facebook with whom I felt comfortable reading my blog.  (Some people I’m not.) But my “desperate prayer” post got a ton of hits with no promotion whatsoever on my part.  Hmm.

So, to all of those fellow desperately infertile people who found my blog and understand how I’m feeling (Or to all of those people who thought, “Hey, check out this crazy infertile gal’s post – thank God that’s not ME!”) um, Hi.  🙂  Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere.

However, an infertile gal can’t just sit around all day and cry and moan about how infertile she is.  I mean, she CAN do that, but she accomplishes a vast amount of nothing, and it gives her a lingering vague headache (not that I know this from experience or anything…) and a sense that there must be more to life than this.  She’s got to get out and DO something to distract herself.

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