in case you were wondering…

Jujubee came down with pneumonia again, poor girl, and I have finally succumbed to a bit of a cold myself, so I’ve been dragging a bit lately.  Jujubee is currently on 4 medications; 2 inhaled medications and two oral medications.  Poor, poor girl.  In her own words, “Being sick is NO FUN!”  But at least she is doing better and is able to sleep through the night.  It’s so rough when she just coughs and coughs and can’t sleep.

But taking naps with your daughter in the afternoon is a nice treat.  Especially when she likes to snuggle.  And when you have to take time out of your day 3-4 times a day to sit down and do a breathing treatment, it gives you extra opportunities to read stories to your daughter.  That’s fun. 🙂


I had an acupuncture appointment on Tuesday, which was wonderful.  After being up a good chunk of the night before with a sick kid, as well as fighting my own cold, it was nice to chat with my acupuncturist and update him on my life (I hadn’t seen him since my hubby got his new Call), and then lay on the table in the quiet room, become a human pincushion, and fall asleep.  When my acu came back into the room to un-pin me, I couldn’t believe I was already done!  It was lovely.

He gave me some good herbs to help strengthen my system, as well as herbs to help with stress, and even some herbs to fight my cold.  I’m using the cold-fighting herbs currently; they taste like burnt dirt.  (Don’t ask.  They just do.)  But they seem to be helping, as my cold is not following its normal progression, and while I’m sick, I’m not horribly sick.  So, that’s good.


The girls have now gotten into the habit of creating their own small prayers/petitions after we say our standard prayers in the evening.  For months off and on, Lyd has chosen to ask God to please “help Momma have a new baby soon.”  Lately, she’s been praying that more and more frequently.  Meanwhile, Jujubee’s prayers the past few nights have been that she gets well soon.  I’m glad the girls are learning to make up their own prayers.


After she got home from school this afternoon, Lyd and I spent some time talking about the “what if’s” if Daddy takes his Call.  It was good to talk through some of her fears and concerns.  One thing she wondered was whether or not she could continue taking ice skating lessons if we moved.  She started taking ice skating lessons at Christmas/New Year’s, and she’s absolutely loving it.  We checked it out online, and it turns out there is an even bigger and better ice rink than the one she goes to here, and it’s not too far away!  She was happy about that.

She and I also talked about the idea of “liking what we know.”  I said that while it would be a bit scary for her (and me!) to go to a new place, it also might be pretty neat to go someplace new and make a whole bunch of new friends.  We might like it a lot, even though right now we don’t know what it would be like.  Lyd wasn’t convinced, but I think she was starting to look at it a little differently.

The Call is a big topic of discussion at our house.  My husband and I haven’t heard a single person from our congregation say anything remotely resembling a comment that he should go.  Everyone is very insistent that he should stay here.  But the decision obviously isn’t made just by where determining where people want you to be the most intensely.  Yet, it’s nice to know that we’re loved where we are.  If my husband should decide to take this Call, we’ll definitely miss people here.

We’ll just have to wait and see…