My husband made a decision about his call.  We’re moving.

I have to confess; I pretty much suspected from the start that he would take it (perhaps even more strongly than merely “suspecting.”)  But, regardless of how much I may have known from the start, it was still sobering the night my husband and I talked it over the for the last time and made a final decision.  It was a heavy feeling to know that the decision had been made.

We are blessed that we will have a little more time than most pastors do to make this transition, since our plan is to remain here until the end of the school year.  There are a number of reasons for this: first of all, Lent is just starting, and pastors rarely leave during that busy season of the church year.  Secondly, Lent is so late that there’s only about a month of school left after Easter, so we might as well let Lyd finish up her school year here.  Also, with my husband being principal, it will be helpful here if he can finish out the school year as well.  Finally, I have teaching commitments for my work that take me through the second week of June.  So, due to all of that, we won’t be leaving until around mid-June.

However, the other side of the coin is that we have things to accomplish between now and then.  For starters, we have to find and buy a house.  Thanks to the bursting of the housing bubble a few years ago, there are a lot of homes for sale in the area in which we want to buy.  I’m praying that the Lord will lead us to just the right house, although I’m sure it will still involve legwork on our part!

There are other smaller tasks to accomplish.  My glasses just broke tonight; at least I was thinking of getting new glasses anyway.  We all could use dentist appointments.  Our old car has been sitting next to our garage for over a year collecting dust and pollen; it’s time to get rid of that wreck.  I also have numerous piles to go through in our house that now MUST be gone through; I refuse to move piles of stuff where I don’t know what’s in the piles.  My frugal nature rebels at throwing even minimally-usable things away, but my frugal nature rebels even more strongly at paying money to move stuff I’m not using.  I tend to get things done more effeciently when I have an actual deadline, and now I have one!

We’re all sad to leave here, especially Lyd.  Of all the years we’ve lived here on the Peninsula, this past year has been one of our best and most liveliest socially.  We’ve really settled into our friendships here and made many good memories.  We especially had fun during the past football season by frequently having our new Kindergarten teacher and another friend from church over to watch (or listen online to) Packer games.  And the season ended with the Pack winning the Superbowl!  It was so special to JJ to have that happen on a year when he had two other rabid Packer fans with which to enjoy the games.   And now I’m extra-glad that I threw that birthday party for myself last December; I had a feeling it might be my last chance to do something like that, so I’m glad I made the effort to do that party.

I don’t think the members of our church were particularly suprised to hear that their pastor had accepted this call, but they were definitely sad to hear his decision.  Many people had tears in their eyes after my husband made his announcement.  We are definitely going to miss people from this church, too.  We’ve been here ten years, and many people have become like family to us!  Luckily, we’ll only be two hours away, so I’m sure we’ll see members from this church from time to time.  In fact, I strongly suspect that some members might even come to my husband’s installation service at the new church, whenever that may be!  Some members joked after church today that it’s as if our church is “giving away” my husband to the new church.  Then the joke was made that perhaps members of our current church should walk him down the aisle at his installation service at the new church.  😉

My husband said this a number of times today: “When a pastor accepts a call, his perspective is that he is accepting a call to a new field of service, not that he is accepting a call from his current parish.”  That’s the perspective I’m trying to take, too.  It will be an adventure!  And the Lord will bless us there in ways that we can’t foresee happening yet.  No matter how many unknowns the future holds, we know that the Lord’s blessing will go with us wherever we go.


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