haven’t found the perfect house yet

Oh, this house-hunting process is going to be difficult for me.

It’s so easy to look at houses on the internet and waste a bunch of time doing it.  My poor kids are already suffering.

I don’t think the “perfect house” is out there for us.  I have so many criteria that it doesn’t exist!  I can see why people would want to build their own house.  Alas, that’s not an option for us.  So, we’re going to have to decide what is most important to us in a new house, and pick our home based on that.

Thankfully, my husband isn’t getting as “into” this internet house-hunting craziness as I am.  I’m glad at least one of us is staying sane and calm.

I’m extra-nervous because we only have a few days here and there where we can actually go to our new city and look at houses.  Once April begins, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to find time to drive the two hours out there to house-hunt, except for the week after Easter.  Once May comes, we’ll have absolutely no time at all, due to my more-than-doubled teaching schedule.


I have to keep reminding myself to stay calm, that God will take care of our needs, and that he will provide us with a place to live.  We won’t be on the street.

And I also know that there are lot bigger problems in the world today that God has to deal with.  My finding of the perfect house does not need to be high on his list.

But I’m praying that it will all work out okay in the end.  Logically I know it will.  Emotionally, I’m a bit uptight right now.

And we haven’t even officially looked at a house yet!!!

Deep breaths, Emily.  Deep breaths.  It’s all going to work out just fine…

And maybe, just maybe, when we actually DO get to see some houses in person, the “perfect house” will become very obvious to us.  I certainly hope so!