a growing sweetheart

Jujubee is an amazing little girl.  She can entertain herself for hours, although she definitely likes it when I play with her.  However, because she CAN entertain herself, I’ve been able to indulge my current obsession with viewing houses on the internet.  I’ve been a bit of a slacker parent lately, but I do try to find opportunities to do things with my sweet girl a few times a day.  It helps that Jujubee really wants to “help” me with my non-computer work.  Yesterday I made up a batch of pecan tassie cookies (I scheduled for my final Coffee Hour this Sunday), and she wanted to be right by me in the kitchen, helping measure and stir and mold dough into the tins.  We both wore our aprons, and we had a good time working together.

But this girl, on her own, can really keep herself amused.  She loves listening to music CD’s, and she’ll often sing along softly – and sometimes loudly!  She likes to do puzzles, and she loves to slowly page through books, talking to herself about what she sees on each page.  She likes to play with her princess dolls and make up stories.  She is very good at finding ways to do imaginative play on her own.

And she is SO cheerful!  She has a smile that can light up the room.  With her little curls framing her face (curls that she inherited from her Daddy, lucky girl), she is just adorably beautiful.  She’s happy and enthusiastic, yet still full of compassion and hugs.  If I mention that I have any kind of owie and/or that I’m sad about anything, she is instantly there to give me a hug and kiss and “make it all better.”  She’s so sweet.

She loves the opportunities she gets once or twice a week to go to Kindergarten for an hour or two.  The Kindergarten teacher and I worked out a deal that Jujubee goes to Kindergarten for an hour before lunch on Fridays, right after our music class.  She LOVES that, and apparently she picked up on the routine very quickly.  Once in a while, something else comes up where she’ll get to go to Kindergarten again, and she is always SO delighted.  Despite the fact that she’s home with me most of the time and NOT in preschool (although we do go to art class and gymnastics class once a week), she is quite good at sharing and working together with other kids when she gets the chance.

Next year, we have the option to put her in morning pre-Kindergarten, and we think we’re going to do it.  She’s so ready, emotionally and socially, as well as physically.  I don’t know if we’ll have her do two years of pre-K or one; I think we’ll decide that when the time comes.  But, she is SO ready to go.  I have no doubt that she will definitely enjoy that big change this fall.  In fact, I’ve already mentioned it to her, and she knows that when we get to our new house, she will get to go to Kindergarten every morning.

The only problem with this plan is that I’m not sure if I’M ready for this change.  My baby in school?  Oh my!  I’m going to miss my cheerful little Jujubee ray of sunshine.  She really is a Joy to have around the house.

Here’s hoping I get pregnant soon to ease my empty nest syndrome…